177 lawsuits filed two weeks after deadly Astroworld tragedy

Charlie paul
Charlie paul
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Two weeks after the tragedy at Astroworld, nearly 200 lawsuits have been filed against Travis Scott, Live Nation, and other defendants.

The festival resulted in the deaths of ten people. However, their autopsy results remain secret.

Relatives of Danish Baig, 27, claim he died saving the life of his fiancee. On Friday, they filed a lawsuit against the other side.

According to a family attorney, “The last time [his fiancee] could hear him was when he was trying to get her out and save her life,” Michael Lyons said. As a result, “she’ll never forget that.”

ABC13 legal analyst Steve Shellist said he doesn’t expect this to go to a jury trial because there are so many lawsuits out there.

In the end, Shellist predicted that the defendants’ insurance companies would make good on their promises to pay. “They’ll have to fork over a lot more money than they’d like to. Plaintiffs can expect to settle for much less than they had hoped. It’s called a compromise. Both parties leave with a sliver of a smile on their face.”

According to Shellist, there is a possibility that it will be consolidated into multidistrict litigation. That will make the process more efficient and prevent the same information from being requested from the same defendants by different attorneys in different cases.

“How long do you think Travis Scott will sit through 500 different depositions? No, that’s not what I meant “Shellist made the comment.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee’s claim of $750 million is the second-highest amount listed in a lawsuit so far.

“There must be a way to sue someone for millions of dollars. Because they don’t have it. Exactly because of this, many people purchase insurance policies “In the words of Shellist:

Shellist anticipates that the civil lawsuits will go on for years before they are finally settled out of court.

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