Transformative Policy Shifts Analysis Report 2021-2025: Businesses Can Use Policy Shifts to Their Advantage and Minimise Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Transformative Policy Shifts Analysis Report 2021-2025: Businesses Can Use Policy Shifts to Their Advantage and Minimise Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

December 7, 2021 0

From 2021 to 2025, this study provides insights into the drivers and restraints of the American economy. The publisher examines the possibilities that will arise as a result of the United States government’s current decade-long spending spree. For businesses, we offer advice on how to take advantage of policy shifts and minimize supply chain risks in light of an uncertain trade environment with China.

An examination of future macroeconomic trends, such as trade and investment, government spending, consumer spending, and labor market conditions, are all part of this study. Industry and partner economies that stand to benefit from changes in US policy are also highlighted in this study.

This study focuses on the impact of new taxation policies and the strategic imperatives that businesses will have to implement in order to minimize the impact on profitability. Subsidies are also discussed as a means of attracting more investment into domestic manufacturing capabilities.

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The US economy was in a state of flux in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic had an economic impact on its output, resulting in a decrease in production. With the new US administration signaling tectonic shifts in economic policy, growth recovery will be influenced by the new policies of the new administration.

Several stakeholders are concerned about how the new administration’s policies on trade and investment will affect the economy’s strong recovery in 2021, which will be aided by increased federal spending, policy rate cuts, and the Federal Reserve’s asset purchase program.

The author provides economic growth opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders, including businesses, investors, and policymakers, as the United States and the global economy recover from the pandemic. According to this report, companies should take advantage of these opportunities and put them into action.

For businesses, it reveals and elaborates on the most important strategic imperatives necessary to sustain growth in times of rapid transformation.
Addressed are the most important issues.

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Is the US economy expected to grow?

How will the new administration’s trade and investment policies change in the coming years?

Economic growth is expected to continue for some time, but how will the monetary policy respond?

What industries are being targeted by the federal government as part of its spending increase?

In what ways are proposed tax policy changes affecting the profitability of businesses?

As a result of US policy shifts, what are some of the key growth opportunities?

Strategic imperatives for US-based corporations include a focus on the following three areas:

It is a strategic necessity

Top Three Strategic Imperatives in the United States and their effect on the economy

Opportunities for growth are available. Aim to Extend the Growth Pipeline

Secondly, the macroeconomic climate.

An Overview of the American Economy

Economic Metrics of Interest

Aspirational Factors for Growth

Restrictions on Economic Growth

Priority Policy Priorities

Economic Recovery and COVID-19

Prohibition of anti-competitive practices

Changes in fiscal policy

Expenditure Priority Areas of the Government

Key Fiscal Expenditure Areas Timeline

Until 2025, the government will be promoting these industries.

Relatively New Tax Laws

Changes in monetary policy

Shifts in monetary policy and forecast

Preliminary Analysis of the Federal Budget

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Trade, Investment, and Supply Chain Policy Changes

Changes in Investment Strategy and Outlook

Changes in Trade Policy and the Outlook

Key Trade Partners Focused on Global Industries

Various forms of international trade policy

Forecast for the economy

The 2019-2025 GDP Growth Forecast.

The Future of Consumer Spending.

The Future of the Labor Market and Policy Changes

The most important megatrends.

The Universe of Growth Opportunity

Transformative Policy Shifts Analysis Report 2021-2025: Businesses Can Use Policy Shifts to Their Advantage and Minimise Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

A Policy Shift to Accelerate the Development of Clean Energy Projects is the first growth opportunity.

Expanding Private Opportunities in Construction as a Result of Infrastructure Push

The third growth opportunity is to encourage private sector investment in advanced technologies through policy incentives.

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Expanding Domestic Manufacturing Strengthens Critical Supply Chains, Growth Opportunity 4In order to increase competition, antitrust reform is needed to limit predatory behavior.

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