‘Arrested Development’ Season 4: Release Date & Latest Updates!

Arrested Development is back! The Bluths are coming to Netflix on May 26th, and the cast of Arrested Development has been talking about how excited they are for fans to see the new season. But it’s not all good news – some of the actors have expressed their disappointment with how Season 4 was recut. They were originally promised a full-length season, but instead got an edited version that left out many scenes from previous seasons. 

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The cast of ‘Arrested Development’ Isn’t Happy with the Recut Season 4

Mitch Hurwitz and 20th Century Fox Television may have just committed a huge blunder. The polarizing season 4 ‘remix’ elicited mixed reactions from fans and critics, but the cast members were far more upset.

The second season was considerably extended, however, with the new version of the season re-editing the episodes into shorter run times while nonetheless extending the season length to 22 episodes from the original 15-episode run. This has several of the cast members stating that they deserve greater compensation. In this case, it’s a shame that – Ron Howard’s voice – all of the material has been discovered.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, and David Cross are seeking more money to shoot the extra episodes in the ‘remix’ of season 4.

After the creation of a virtual reality experience based on season 4, which debuted at Netflix in December, the series’ creators cut it down to 22 minutes for post-credits viewing. The final shot of “The End” was also trimmed from its original length. The result is an odd mishmash of material that feels disjointed and unfinished The fourth season was Hurwitz’s first narrative experiment, which he had divided into episodes as a -style story following one Bluth family member. While it was certainly a unique narrative option, it was also a means for the reunited cast to circumnavigate their hectic schedules, which included many of them who have risen to prominence in the years since.

However, the decision to kill off Tom Randall proved divisive, and Season 4 has been labeled as the weakest of the series. With the remixed season, Hurwitz shortened it to 22 episodes in order to accommodate the more conventional intertwining tales of prior seasons in order to attract new viewers, advertise for the upcoming season 5, and maybe secure a syndication deal for the show.

In a recent social media post, Hurwitz revealed that the remix was an experiment to see if he could ‘make some money – that is, whether the 22-episode order would allow the series to ‘syndicate,’ according to Deadline. The fact that this modified version was even made available in any way should be enough proof for us all.

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While Hurwitz is set to profit more from the remix, the cast members will not. According to THR, the majority of the cast — which includes Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor, Alia Shawkat, and Tony Hale — was paid $100,000 for each episode that did not feature them. When the actors asked for additional episode numbers, 20th Century Fox TV balked. The lawsuit claims that the studio has the right to re-edit already aired programs without paying the actors more, despite reports that Hurwitz added a few minutes of additional unaired content. The cast, on the other hand, claims that this method effectively lowers the pay-per-episode agreed upon in principle. With the potential syndication deal in the works, the studio is positioned to earn considerably more than the actors.

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