365 Days 2 Release Date and Exciting Updates

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Massimo and Laura have returned for 365 Days 2, and they’re even sexier than they were before. The first film ended on a cliffhanger, and we’re still waiting to see what happens in the sequel.

365 Days 2 has been hotly anticipated, and fans have wondered when it will be released.

Let’s review what we need to know about 365 Days 2 right now.

About The 365 Days

The Polish romance film made by Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes in 2020 is based on Blanka Lipiska’s first novel of a trilogy.

The director claims that the narrative is 85% true. 365 Days was released in Poland on February 7, 2020, and cinematographer Bartek Cierlica described it as a modern-day Beauty and the Beast.

365 Days 2

After a cinematic premiere in Poland and a more limited run in the United Kingdom, 365 Days, often known as 365 Dni and less formally as the Polish ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ sparked some controversy when released on Netflix in June 2020.

It swiftly rose to the top of Netflix’s top ten rankings in over 90 countries.

365 Days 2: Setting and Storyline 

The plot of the first 365 Days film is based on Blanka Lipiska’s 365 Dni novel, and the sequel film will most likely adopt the follow-up novel, This Day.

The first film tells the story of Laura Biel, a young woman from Warsaw who falls in love with a powerful Sicilian man named Don Massimo Torricelli, who imprisons her and forces her to fall in love with him in 365 days.

The first chapter of the 365 Days movie ends on a cliffhanger. Laura expresses her discomfort but refuses to see a doctor. They talk about their upcoming wedding, which she won’t attend because she doesn’t want her family to find out what Massimo does.

On the other hand, Massimo invites Olga to be Laura’s bridesmaid. Laura tells Olga she’s pregnant when she comes to visit, and Olga advises her to tell Massimo about it. Laura phones Massimo after dinner and asks if they can talk.

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Without giving too much away, if the plot of 365 Days 2 closely follows the sequel novel, a new character named Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Simone Susinna) is introduced. He seizes Laura; she falls prey to Nacho, and the drama increases.

Massimo will also confront a competition in his twin brother Adriano, who lives outside of the criminal underworld and has no resemblance to his brother.

365 Days 2

365 Days 2: Cast

  • Michele Morrone as Don Massimo Torricelli
  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel
  • Bronisław Wrocławski as Mario, part of Massimo’s mafia family
  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga
  • Gianni Parisi as Massimo’s father
  • Mateusz Łasowski as Martin, Laura’s ex-boyfriend
  • Blanka Lipińska as a bride
  • Simone Susinna as Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, a new character for 365 Days 2
  • Natasza Urbańska as Anna, Massimo’s ex-girlfriend
  • Grażyna Szapołowska as Klara Biel, Laura’s mother
  • Tomasz Stockinger as Tomasz Biel, Laura’s father

365 Days 2

365 Days 2: Official Release Date 

Massimo and Laura will be back in the sequel to 365 Days to Polish: 365 Dni this year.

Luckily, 365 Days 2 has already been confirmed for release in 2022, so we know it will launch on Netflix this year. There’s also 365 Days 3 in the works, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

As of March 15, 2022, there’s still no official announcement from Netflix on the release date of 365 Days 2. 

The film will most likely be available on Netflix in the spring or summer of 2022. The sequel’s production is almost certainly nearly finished, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see 365 Days 2 on Netflix by May 2022.

Given that the sequel has been in post-production for some time, it’s safe to assume that things will be wrapping up soon.

365 Days 2: Trailer 

Netflix has yet to release an official trailer of 365 Days 2, but expect it to be released weeks before the film’s official release date. Expect a lot of filthy stuff in the trailer.

For the time being, you can re-watch the trailer for the first 365 Days film:

YouTube video

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