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Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Every once in a while, things in life tend to get so tiring that you just need to lay back and take some time to yourself. Normally, in these situations, people wind up and listen to music or eat some comfort food. However, one of the most common things that people do when they need to relax is that they tend to watch something, either on the TV or on a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime. Xfinity bundles allow customers to experience the best Netflix experience as they offer some of the best internet services in the country. Now, the next time you decide to relax and binge something on Netflix, what are some of the best shows that you could watch?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show revolves around a couple of police officers at the fictional 99th precinct in New York. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a very relatable sort of comedy with jokes that are very contemporary and everyone can relate to. It perfectly shows the relationship the officers have with one another and the show sets a perfect example of character development, especially for Jake Peralta who is the show’s lead and despite being a grown man, he never exactly figured out how to grow up. Brooklyn Nine-Nine even sets a perfect example of how you can balance your work and your personal life and how amazing it is if you are doing what you love as a job and that your family doesn’t need to have a blood relationship with you and you can have friends like family too. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an amazing show to kill time with, in fact, people love the show so much that many have admitted to ending the show more than once!

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Manifest has to be one of those shows that have an amazing storyline that just keeps you asking for more. The storyline mainly shows an airplane mysteriously disappearing while in flight and when they land back in their hometown, everyone realizes that they were gone for five years and everyone assumed that they were dead. The passengers then start experiencing visions and start hearing sounds that they start referring to as “callings” so that they could help people in need. The passengers are also in a constant struggle to try to figure out what exactly happened to the flight and whether it vanished due to scientific or divine reasons. The show has a lot of suspense and it constantly has you on the edge of your seat. The actors have done justice to their characters and everyone’s acting is really good. The show is one that you should have on your list to watch as soon as possible. 

Schitt’s Creek

This show is a light kind of comedy that you could enjoy with the whole family. The story involves a family who has been rich all their lives and suddenly, they go bankrupt. In the process, they have to leave their home and go to a town called “Schitt’s Creek” which they bought as a joke. Initially, they hate the place but eventually, they begin developing a liking for it. The show has a very beautiful kind of character development as they show how the family eventually swallows their pride and begin indulging themselves with the people of the small town. Schitt’s Creek has a very subtle kind of comedy and it is always a pleasure watching it. The show is one of the best ones to watch if you are going through an existential crisis since all of the episodes have a very sweet touch to them. 

Breaking Bad

This show is still the all-time number one show for a reason. Breaking Bad has an extremely unique story and no one in Hollywood has been able to create anything that comes to the level of Breaking Bad. The story of Breaking Bad revolves around a high school Chemistry teacher named Walter White who very recently discovers he has Leukemia too. To make ends meet, he teams up with his former student Jesse Pinkman and with Walter’s brilliant mind in Chemistry, he heads towards a life of crime where he makes an insane amount of money for his family but at the same time, he starts losing his sense of self and transitions entirely into another person. If you are someone who enjoys watching thrilling things, then this show is definitely for you. 

The Good Doctor

Not everyone is into watching medical shows, but this one stands out from the rest. It has a story like no other. The main lead is played by Freddie Highmore, who is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. The story of The Good Doctor is about Dr. Shaun Murphy, who is a very young doctor who has autism but at the same time he has savant syndrome, which makes him unusually intelligent. The show visually describes all the hardships Shaun has to face and how he needs to make his mark and prove his place as a doctor. Shaun works hard to stop people from doubting him only because of his autism and it shows how Shaun has a very difficult time interacting with people only because of how socially awkward he is. The show makes you believe that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. It goes on to tell us that even something like autism should not get in the way of your dreams and that you should work hard for what you dream for.

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So if you have a list of TV shows to watch, you need to make sure that these shows are on it. These shows have been crafted to perfection and it’s safe to say you haven’t lived to the fullest if these shows are not on your seen list. 

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