A Bronx Gunman And Two New York City Police Officers Were Engaged In A Frenzied Gun Battle That Ended With The Deaths Of Both Officers

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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On Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire on two police officers in the Bronx, injuring both, according to the NYPD.

Around 8 p.m., the officers were responding to a 911 call about a person in Belmont with a gun near E. 187th St. and Beaumont Ave.
A 23-year-old Brooklyn man was found sitting on an apartment building stoop by officers Alejandra Jacobs and Robert Holmes when they arrived, according to the police.

At a late-night news conference, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea stated that the suspect “matched the description from the 911 call to a T.” As soon as he spoke, they were engaged in a gunfight, he said.
In response to Holmes’s request that Vasquez removes his hands from his pockets, Vasquez pulled a gun from his pocket.

Shots are fired as the individual rises to his or her feet and pulls out a gun.” The whole thing takes a split second,” Shea explained. As you watch the video, you’ll notice how quickly it happens and how little regard it shows for human life.

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Jacobs was hit twice in the right arm by four shots from Vasquez. Officers claim that Jacobs, an Air Force reservist with only one year’s experience on the force, retaliated by shooting him in the chest with three of her five shots.

During the shooting, one bullet from Vasquez struck Holmes in the right armpit area and exited through his left chest, according to the officers on the scene.
It is expected that both officers, who were assigned to patrol the 48th Precinct, will recover.

Shea said, “We’re very fortunate tonight.”

After surgery, the suspect was in critical condition. Shea expects him to be charged with a crime.
According to Mayor de Blasio, “we saw something in these officers — extraordinary courage on display tonight.” “They weren’t considering their own interests. The only thing they could talk about despite their injuries was their dedication to the job and the reasons they took it on in the first place. It was a real eye-opener. “I only wish to express my gratitude.”

On his way to get lunch, a Bronx cab driver told the Daily News he witnessed the altercation.

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According to the unnamed cabbie, “the cops went straight for him. A total of nine shots were taken in two separate sessions. As he lay there, face-up on the ground, he was shot in the side.”
He went on to say Her fellow officers dragged her “and ran her around the corner,” according to Jacobs’ account. “I’m hit, I’m hit,” the male cop kept saying.”

The cab driver said he saw responding officers lift the cuffed gunman to his feet. They put him back on his feet because “he said something,” the taxi driver said of the group’s behavior. There was a frenzy in the crowd.

There have been nine previous arrests for this shooter, according to the suspect’s gun being stolen from Georgia last year, and Shea described him as a “career criminal.”
His most recent arrest, according to reliable sources, was in 2019 for drug possession. According to the sources, Vasquez was also charged in 2017 and 2019 with weapons possession.

It was a grim “holiday tradition” for Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch to pay his respects to the hospitalized officers who had been shot, in memory of Officer Connor Boalick’s shooting on Christmas Eve 2020 in Brooklyn, where he was saved by his bullet-resistant vest after responding to a domestic violence call.

It had to stop, he said, and he was right. In spite of the fact that there are guns on the street, criminals aren’t afraid to use them..” There is nothing stopping them from putting the weapon on a belt, into a pocket, and pulling it out on a police officer.
The Bronx has seen a disturbing increase in gun violence recently, which may explain the bizarre encounter.

The number of homicides in the Bronx has increased by nearly 29% over the same period last year, with 130 as of Sunday compared to 101. As of Sunday, there had been 547 shootings, compared to 428 in the same period of time in 2020.

As a whole, homicides in the city have decreased by 1.2% this year, and shooting incidents have increased by just 2.2%.
A police officer in Brooklyn suffered a broken leg after being run over by two robbers in a stolen Jeep.

Around 6:30 pm, officers from the 69th Precinct in Canarsie, NY, ran the vehicle’s license plate and discovered that it had been reported stolen, police said in a statement.
Cops attempted to stop the Jeep, but the driver floored it, dragging one officer and breaking his leg.

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Following this, the Jeep careened into a gate in a shared driveway between two buildings as it raced north on E. 83rd St. As of late Wednesday, it was unclear where the driver and passenger had gone.
According to a 73-year-old woman who’s lived on the block for the past 26 years, “there was a crash and the car went into the gate.” Compared to the Belt Parkway, it was a lot more crowded.

He was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he was in good health.

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