Alicia Witt Net Worth: Latest Celebrity Profile 2022

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Do you have an idea of Alicia Witt Net Worth?

You may have known Alicia Witt as an American actress, singer, and Pianist who started her career as a child artist. But do you know how much money she makes or how tall she is? And what Alicia Witt Net Worth is?

Get more details about Alicia Witt here! 

Alicia Witt Profile – Who is she? 

Alicia Witt is an American actress, singer, and Pianist. She became famous as a child actress after she was discovered by David Lynch, who cast her in Dune and Twin Peaks.

Alicia Witt’s Early Life 

Alicia Roanne Witt was born on August 21, 1975, in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Alicia started talking by the age of two and reading by the age of four, which is why she has been described as a child prodigy.

Alicia Witt Net Worth 2022

Alicia was noticed by director David Lynch back in 1980 when he heard her recite Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on the television show That’s Incredible! At age five.

She then began working with Lynch in several films and television shows even before Witt earned her high-school equivalency credential when she was 14.

Alicia Witt took four piano lessons a week from ages 10 to 14 from a Bostin University professor and competed nationally. 

Based on her early life, do you have any guess on Alicia Witt Net Worth? 

Quick Facts 

  • How old is Alicia Witt?

Alicia is currently 45 years old.

  • When is Alicia Witt’s birthday?

Alicia’s birthday is on August 21, 1975.

  • Where was Alicia Witt born?

She was born in the United States of America. 

  • Is Alicia Witt Married?

No, Alicia Witt was once married but now divorced from ex-husband Nathan Foulger. 

  • Who is Alicia Witt’s boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is Ben Folds. 

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Alicia Witt’s Career 

In 1994, Witt landed her first lead role in the film Fun. She played a disturbed, murderous teenager, and she had received the Special Jury Recognition Award at the Sundance Festival for her role. 

Way before she received the award, she was given a chance to be part of the films Liebestraum (1991), Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993), and the movie The Disappearance of Vonnie (1994). 

Aside from the mentioned films, she also starred in Last Holiday, 88 Minutes, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent for the 2007–2008 season. She was also part of Cowgirls n’ Angels in 2012 and co-starred in the independent film Cold Turkey with Peter Bogdanovich and Cheryl Hines.

Recently, Alicia Witt appeared as a guest in the series Kingdom (2014). Later that year, she also played the role of Wendy Crow in the FX series Justified. 

As Alicia Witt continues to rise as an actress, one of her most recent series is The Walking Dead which was back in 2016, and Orange Is the New Black, playing the role of Zelda. 

Aside from being cast by several directors for their tv shows and films, Witt was also into theater as much as she was in acting. She made her stage theatre debut back in 2011 at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles. 

Alicia is also a songwriter and a pianist, which gave her lots of opportunities in the music industry.

Knowing that Alicia is almost a jack of all trade, we bet Alicia Witt Net Worth is high! 

What is Alicia Witt Net Worth?

Actress, Pianist, and Singer-Songwriter Alicia Witt net worth is about $65 Million as of this writing (March 2022). 

Alicia Witt Net Worth 2022

She has made her money from the start of her acting as a child, joining contests in playing the piano, and making money as a theater actress. Alicia Witt even starred in the movie 88 Minutes which grossed around $32 million. 

With her still rising to fame in the industry she is in, Alicia Witt net worth is still increasing every year. 

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