Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine, meets war refugees on her important visit

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Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine: Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine, the Hollywood actress, paid a visit to the Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday, going to the train station to meet people displaced by the Russian war before departing after air-raid sirens sounded.

Jolie, 46, works as a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency, which reports that over 12.7 million people have fled their homes in the last two months, accounting for roughly 30% of Ukraine’s pre-war population.

Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine

Angelina Jolie Visits Ukraine

A video of actress Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine in Lviv has gone viral, showing her and a group of people fleeing to a bomb shelter.

According to reports, during Angelina Jolie visits in Ukraine, she was in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Saturday, meeting with people who the conflict with Russia had displaced.

The video Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine has been watched over 180,000 times on Twitter since it was posted on Saturday.

According to reports, Angelina Jolie’s visit to Ukraine as a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency was cut short due to air-raid sirens sounding.

As Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine in the video, she walks out of a building with a group of people and onto the street. At one point, a woman says to the person recording, “no more.”

An air-raid siren can be heard repeatedly throughout the video. At one point in the video, a man walks up to the actress and attempts to take a selfie with her.

A voice can also be heard asking Angelina Jolie if she was scared, to which she replied “no” and added that she was fine.

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Who is Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie is an American actress and director known for her edginess and sex appeal and her humanitarian work. She received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Girl, Interrupted as a person with a mental health condition (1999).


Angelina Jolie Visits Ukraine

Jolie, the daughter of actor Jon Voight, spent most of her childhood in New York before relocating to Los Angeles when she was 11 years old. Before attending Beverly Hills High School, she spent two years at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. 

She later attended New York University and majored in drama. She modeled and appeared in music videos in addition to acting in theatrical productions.

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What is she doing in Lviv?

The specifics of Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine remain unknown, but she stated on social media in February, “Like many of you, I’m praying for the people of Ukraine.” My priority, as well as that of my colleagues at @refugees, is to do everything possible to ensure the protection and basic human rights of those who have been displaced or are refugees in the region.

During Angelina Jolie visits Ukraine expressed concern about how the conflict must be affecting the displaced children.

They must be in a state of astonishment, “I know how trauma affects children, and I know how healing it is for them to have someone show them how much they matter, how much their voices matter,” Jolie said, noting that a psychiatrist was on hand to speak with the children.

According to Sky News, Jolie traveled to Rome in March to visit a hospital caring for children who had fled the Ukraine conflict.

During her visit, the actress met with young patients and doctors, and nurses who were caring for the children.

Angelina Jolie Visits Ukraine

The actress traveled to the war-torn country to meet with refugees and thank those who work tirelessly to help them.

Jolie also went to a boarding school in Lviv, which has become a transit point for refugees, humanitarian aid, and weapons. Kozytskyy said she would return to the children.

Jolie is a United Nations special envoy for refugees. Still, Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ head of global communications, said Jolie went to the region independently and that the UNHCR had no involvement in her visit.

Jolie visited Yemen in March and drew parallels between the Yemeni people and those suffering due to Ukraine’s conflict.

Jolie was spotted leaving a coffee shop in Lviv earlier on Saturday.

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