Barry Season 3 – The story of a Marine veteran who becomes a greatest hitman

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Barry Season 3: Barry Berkman, the hitman-turned-actor, is expected to return in Barry Season 3. Here’s what we know about HBO’s critically praised dark comedy.

HBO has asked that significant plot details regarding the upcoming season of “Barry,” TV’s darkest comedy or funniest drama, be kept from critics. So, beyond broad strokes, it’s impossible to define the mechanics of that scenario or what Barry is seeking to do. 

Suffice to say that Barry, the assassin who has discovered a way to use his skill for deception in a flourishing acting career, has devised a strategy that will allow him to believe his previous misdeeds have been forgiven. Barry cannot or will not consider the irony that his road out of wrongdoing requires him to inflict substantial sorrow on people around him.

Here’s everything you need to know about Barry Season 3 release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more!

Who is Barry Berkman?

Barry Season 3

Barry Berkman is a hitman from Cleveland and a former Marine. He travels to Los Angeles to assassinate a target and finds “finding a friendly group among a bunch of hungry hopefuls within the L.A. theater scene.”

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The story of Barry

The official plot synopsis for Barry season 3 on HBO is as follows:

“Desperate to put his violent past behind him and focus on his newfound passion, Barry (Hader) seeks to remove himself from the world of contract killing and immerse himself in acting.” But getting out is a chore. While Barry has removed many of the external pressures that pushed him to violence, he soon finds that they were not the only ones at work. 

What was it about his psyche that drove him to become a murderer in the first place? In season three, Barry and the other characters struggle to make the right decision.

It’s probably going to be depressing and dark. Barry Season 2 concluded on a sour note if you recall. There’s no doubting that the titular character is a terrible guy with a capital B. 

He is not a repentant killer; he is a killer-killer, as evidenced by the monastery full of gangsters that he massacred in cold blood in retribution for his handler, Fuches (Stephen Root). Furthermore, he allows his acting coach, Gene Cousineau (Winkler), to be arrested for the murder of Cousineau’s lover, a crime that Barry committed. 

Barry Season 3

In the episode’s last minutes, Cousineau finds his student is a cold-blooded killer, exclaiming, “Oh my god,” before the credits roll.

The Cast

One of the most enticing qualities of Barry is its small ensemble, which packs a big punch. Bill Hader will continue his role as the titular violent actor in Barry Season 3 and many of his co-stars. 

These include Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches, Barry’s former handler which is now in hiding; Sarah Goldberg as Sally, Barry’s girlfriend who is about to launch her first TV series; Anthony Carrigan as Noho Hank, the head of the Chechen mob in Los Angeles; and Emmy-winner Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, Barry’s former acting teacher who is mourning the loss of his girlfriend, Detective Janice Moss.

Sarah Burns, who portrays Detective Mae Dunn, has been promoted to the regular cast. D’Arcy Carden plays Natalie Greer again, while Michael Irby plays Cristobal. HBO has confirmed no huge guest stars, although there will undoubtedly be a few.

Barry Season 3

Barry Season 3 Release Date

The first episode of Barry season 3 will premiere on HBO on Sunday, April 24, at 10 p.m. ET. Every Sunday, new episodes will be released simultaneously and will be available to watch on HBO Max.

HBO has given the first four episodes of Barry’s third season titles and synopses. Their names are as follows:

Episode 1: forgiving Jeff

Release Date: SUNDAY, APRIL 24 (10:00-10:30 PM ET/PT)

Episode 2: limonada

Release Date: SUNDAY, MAY 1(10:00-10:30 PM ET/PT)

Episode 3: “Ben Mendelsohn”

Release Date: SUNDAY, MAY 8 (10:00-10:30 PM ET/PT)

Episode 4: “all the sauces”

Release Date: SUNDAY, MAY 15 (10:00-10:30 PM ET/PT)

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If your Noho Hank levels are dangerously low, check out the first official Barry season 3 trailer below.

YouTube video

On the surface, Barry is about a lonely hitman, but the show is much more. Every episode is unique, and the show addresses gun control and masculinity subjects.

Barry season 3 is one of the best new shows of the year and should not be missed.

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