Big Shot Season 2 Is Finally Renewed on Disney Plus!

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Charles kenny
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Big Shot is finally returning to our TV screen with its second season, and we can’t wait! On September 2 last year, Disney announced that Big Shot Season 2 is in the works, and fans are thrilled to know that they will not be waiting long enough for their favorite series to return.

Let’s go back to memory lane and remember what Big Shot is all about.

What Is Big Shot All About?

The show is a drama-comedy series that focuses on the former NCAA member, Marvyn Korn (John Stamos), after being forced out of his position as head coach for a basketball team. He is then given a second chance at redemption with a coaching position at a private high school in Westbrook. When he realizes that his new team of teenage, elite girls need more than just tough love, he then needs to learn how to connect with them. How will this change his life?

Plot Twist for Big Shot Season 2

As much as we want to tease you a little with what to expect on the second installment, there are no spoilers released yet for the said series. So, we are here to give you a story that we think might happen in the next installment.

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We all know that in the previous Season, Westbook beat Carlsbad meaning, they will now be advancing on as a Division II Highschool. With that in mind, let’s expect to see more basketball teams and personalities in Big Shot Season 2. Will the Westbrook team be able to handle their Division II Status?

When is the release date for the 2nd Season?

I know you are all excited like us, but it is still unknown when Big Shot Season 2 will premier considering that filming won’t begin until 2022. But we can say that the show will most likely air later that year.

Cast and Characters

Since there is no update yet of the second installment, it is safe to say that we will be expecting to see familiar faces return in their roles. Below are the cast and characters of the previous Season.

  • John Stamos as Marvyn Korn – He is one of the main characters and is the former college men’s basketball coach.
  • Sophia Mitri Schloss as Emma Korn – Daughter of Caren and Marvyn Korn.
  • Nell Verlaque as Louise Gruzinsky – Daughter of Lilian and Larry Gruzinsky. Basketball Team Captain and is the best player on the team.
  • Tiana Le as Destiny Winters – Angel’s biological daughter and is the adopted daughter of Christina and Jeffrey Winters.
  • Monique Green is Olive Cooper – Westbrook siren’s basketball player and is obsessed with using social media.
  • Tisha Custodio as Carolyn ‘Mouse’ Smith – Serves as the point guard of the Westbrook team.
  • Cricket Wampler as Samantha ‘Giggles’ Finkman – Also is the point guard of Westbrook basketball team.
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Sherilyn Thomas – Plays as the principal of Westbrook School for girls.
  • Richard Robichaux as George Pappas – Plays as the guidance counselor of Westbrook School for girls.
  • Jessalyn Gilsig as Holly Barrett – Young Global Studies Teacher Felix’s godmother.

We hope for the Big Shot Season 2 to come soon as we would like to know more about what will happen next.

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