Blindspotting Season 2: New Updates on Release Date and Cast

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Blindspotting Season 2 is finally confirmed! 

The TV show arrived three years after the same name, starring and co-written by Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal.

Ever since the first season ended, fans have been waiting for the second Season’s release, and it’s coming. Read more to know everything we know about Blindspotting Season 2. 

Everything You Need To Know About Blindspotting

Blindspotting Season 2: New Updates On Release Date And Cast

Blindspotting was met with critical and commercial acclaim upon release, which gained box office success.

The original movie ultimately earned $4.3 million domestic and $5 million globally, a considerable return on its nearly $340K budget. 

The tv shows executive producers include Jess Wu Calder, Keith Calder, Ken Lee, Tim Palen, Emily Gerson Saines, Seith Mann, and showrunners Casal and Diggs, who also serve as executive producers. 

Main Plot

Blindspotting tells the story of two friends, Colin and Miles, who live in Oakland, California. Colin struggles to keep himself on the right side of the law as he gets closer to the end of probation. This goal is hampered by Miles, a man who frequently invites violence and chaos into their lives.

Miles is arrested for drug possession in Season One, leaving her behind to look after their son Sean. His partner Ashley is left to look after their son.

However, things have been complicated by the fact that Ashley cannot pay her rent. She decides to move in with Miles’ parents with no choice left.

The First Season of the series has produced a total of eight episodes. Here’s the list of episodes for the first season if you want to catch up:

  • Episode 1: The Ordeal
  • Episode 2: Smashley Rose
  • Episode 3: The Rule of Three
  • Episode 4: The Four Hustlateers
  • Episode 5: Beaches Be Trippin
  • Episode 6: Ghost Dad
  • Episode 7: Seannie Darko
  • Episode 8: Bride or Die

What to Expect in Blindspotting Season 2 

In Blindspotting Season 1, the story left off with many things that need to be resolved.

We expect to see Blindspotting Season 2 continue where the last episode left off. There might be a considerable focus on how Sean will react to the news about his father.

In addition, we hope that Season 2 will show how Janelle will cope with the arrest of Earl. He wanted to keep a low profile when he was initially released, but after breaking the terms of his prison sentence, there might be a chance that he will get a harsher punishment.

Lastly, will Ashley be able to make her life better?

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Blindspotting Season 2 Expected Cast 

Blindspotting Season 2 Cast

We hope to see the old casts from Season one to be back for the upcoming Season. Among those are: 

  • Jasmine Cephas Jones as Ashley Rose
  • Jaylen Barron as Trish
  • Candace Nicholas-Lippman as Janelle
  • Benjamin Earl Turner as Earl
  • Atticus Woodward as Sean
  • Helen Hunt as Rainey
  • Rafael Casal as Miles
  • Justin Chu Cary as Rob
  • April Absynth as Jacque
  • Margo Hall as Nancy
  • Andrew Chapelle as Scotty
  • Lil Buck as Buck
  • Jon Boogz as Boogz
  • Anthony Ramos as Yorkie

When is the Release Date of Blindspotting Season 2?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date yet when the series will release its second Season. 

This is primarily because the showrunners have yet to announce whether “Blindspotting” has been renewed or canceled.

Still, there is a big possibility that we’ll get to see Season 2 on-screen. 

If ever it is renewed for Season 2, it’s fair to say we could expect it to be released as early as June 2022, one year from the premiere of Season 1.

However, we cannot again say for sure as the production crew might have to face delays for any reason. But we’re still hoping for it to start sooner!

Blindspotting Season 2 Official Trailer

As we don’t have an official announcement about whether there would be another season, we don’t have an official trailer yet. 

You can watch the Official Trailer of Blindspotting instead. 

YouTube video

Final Thoughts 

Since the TV Show has so far received mostly positive responses from the audience, it is no doubt that fans will ask for another season. Hopefully, the producers will hear us (crossed fingers). 

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