Bling Empire New York Season 2: Renewal Status, and What to Expect?

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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Will the be Bling Empire: New York Season 2 or Not? Let’s find out.

‘Bling Empire: New York,’ a Netflix reality series that is a spin-off of the original show, follows a group of affluent and sophisticated Asian Americans dealing with various aspects of city life. While there is a lot of stiff competition for love, money, and power, they prefer to engage in straightforward talks.

The city is home to many billionaires, CEOs, and fashion icons with whom the show’s stars interact. Tina Leung, Deborah Hung, Stephen Hung, and Richard Chang also appear in ‘Bling Empire: New York,’ a spin-off of the original series that starred Dorothy Wang.

Filming for “Bling Empire: New York” takes place in the state of New York, specifically in and around New York. The show’s first season’s main photography reportedly occurred in the summer of 2022.

The Bling Empire spin-off, Bling Empire: New York, which made its debut on Netflix on January 20, 2023, quickly became an enormous hit with viewers, and as a result, fans of the series became interested in learning more about the upcoming second season. Therefore, everything about Season 2 of “Bling Empire: New York” will be covered in this article.

Will There Be a Bling Empire: New York Season 2?

Bling Empire New York Season 2: Renewal Status, And What To Expect?

The creators make no official announcement regarding the renewal of ‘Bling Empire: New York.’ Since the first season premiered on January 20, 2023, we must also wait to see how popular this new series will be with viewers.

This will most likely determine when and if there will be further seasons.

What is The Expected Release Date For Bling Empire: New York Season 2?

Bling Empire New York Season 2: Renewal Status, And What To Expect?

Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether Bling Empire: New York will return for a Season 2, the first season suggests several potential new conflicts.

Furthermore, Netflix’s reality TV show release schedule is unpredictable, with seasons of shows like Selling Sunset and The Circle lasting anywhere from a few months to more than a year. Like an 18-month gap between Seasons 1 and 2 of the original Bling Empire, Season 3 of Bling Empire premiered in October 2022, only five months later.

However, production on Bling Empire Season 3 began as soon as Season 2 ended. A second season might debut as quickly as five to six months later, in the summer of 2023, if Bling Empire: New York maintains its current schedule.

Bling Empire: New York Season 2 Expected Cast

There are plenty of millionaires and socialites in the Bling Empire: New York cast. Dorothy Wang, the daughter of billionaire Roger Wang and a former member of the Bling Empire cast, serves as the show’s executive producer.

Additionally featured in season one are rich business royalty Stephen and Deborah Hung, renowned jewellery designer Lynn Ban, fashionista Tina Leung, fashion editor Blake Abbie, and philanthropist Richard Chang.

Naturally, the main character Dorothy Wang and Tina Leung, Lynn Ban, Nam Laks, Blake Abbie, Vika Abbyaeva, and Richard Chang will return in a second season. Additionally, Stephen Hung and his wife, Deborah Valdez-Hung, would probably make a comeback, and other members of the original Bling Empire cast might make brief appearances.

Expected Plotline For Season 2 Of Bling Empire: New York

Bling Empire New York Season 2: Renewal Status, And What To Expect?

Several storylines can potentially carry into a Bling Empire: New York Season 2. Dorothy eventually finds herself involved in a relationship with Ari, and she expresses to Tina that she is cautiously optimistic about the future of their relationship.

In the meantime, Richard tries to propose to Vika, but she rejects his approach by arguing that now is not the appropriate moment to do so. After receiving her diploma, Nam confides in her brother that she does not intend to relocate back to Thailand, even though she knows that her parents will not likely take well to the news.

Jett Kain, meantime, gets a job offer and tells Lynn abruptly that they’re going to Los Angeles, which she rejects. After that, Blake Abbie starts to think about his dating life and wonders if it’s finally the right time for him to establish a serious relationship with someone.

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