Blue Lock Episode 14: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler, Trailer, and All You Need to Know

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Excitement is mounting as fans eagerly await to discover when episode 14 of the award-winning show Blue Lock will be released. In this article, we’ll provide all the need-to-know information on what you can expect from Blue Lock’s upcoming episode – including its premiere date, spoilers that have been leaked (if any), a trailer for the show, and details about its star cast. Plus, we’ll briefly summarise previous episodes just in case you missed it!

In addition, we’ll share some of the feedback viewers have received about the show and their hopes for the upcoming season. If you like Blue Lock and are looking forward to the next instalment, you should read this. Find out what happened in episode 14 of Blue Lock by reading on!

Blue Lock Episode 14 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Finally, after a long hiatus, season 1 of Blue Lock is back with episode 14. Finally, on January 15, 2023, at roughly 12:30 PM ET, all nine episodes will premiere, much to the delight of the show’s devoted following.

Fans have anticipated the show’s return since the news was first announced. Don’t miss out on all the excitement; put January 15 on your calendars now.

Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 14 Will Be Available In January 2023

In September, comic Natalie, a Japanese media outlet, stated that the first season of the anime series Blue Lock would consist of 24 episodes, broadcast across two consecutive courses.

A season typically runs for three consecutive months, from January to March, April to June, July to September, and August to December (October – December). As a result, the first season of Blue Lock will air for six months, beginning in October 2022 and ending in March 2023.

Blue Lock Episode 14: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler, Trailer, And All You Need To Know

Since then, official Blue Lock season 1 Blu-ray DVD listings have confirmed this. Four volumes will be released in Japan in 2023, each including six anime episodes: Volume 1 in January, Volume 2 in March, Volume 3 in May, and Volume 4 in July.

The official anime website and social media pages have not yet announced a definite release date for the second half of season 1. However, according to several scheduling sources, the second season of Blue Lock will kick off with episode 13 on January 7.

Fans may rest assured that the Blue Lock anime will continue to air simultaneously in Japan and on Crunchyroll worldwide.

Blue Lock’s Voice Actors And Description Of Their Roles

The entire cast of Blue Lock is fantastic, and their voices fit their personalities perfectly. Perhaps some fresh faces will be seen in upcoming episodes. Read on to learn more about the voice actors behind Blue Lock’s various characters.

  • Kazuki Ura provides the Japanese voice for Yoichi Isagi.
  • Tasuku Kaito delivers the Japanese voice for Meguru Bachira.
  • Yuki Ono will provide the voice of Rensuke Kunigami in Japan.
  • Wataru Kuon’s voice actor is Masatomo Nakazawa.
  • To give Hyma Chigiri a voice, Soma Saito does the honours.

Spoilers For Blue Lock Episode 14

Blue Lock is the fourteenth episode of the first season, and fans have been waiting excitedly for spoiler material to be made public.

Those who can’t wait until next week to find out what happens in Episode 14 of Season 1 need not worry since we at Blue Lock, Spoiler, will keep you informed of any developments as soon as they occur. If you want to know the latest, keep your eyes peeled!

 Youth Patrol!Episode 14 Of Blue Lock: New Trailer Coming Soon!

There may be several reasons why Episode 14 of Blue Lock does not have a trailer, but it is impossible to know for sure. It’s likely that work is just getting started on the episode and that a trailer will be released closer to the air date.

YouTube video

Another possibility is that the show is still getting some final edits, and the producers are waiting for the final cut to air before releasing a trailer.

Blue Lock Anime Production Company And Its Directors

In response to the overwhelming success of the Blue Lock manga, an anime adaptation was planned and is set to premiere on October 9, 2022.

Eight Bit studio animated Blue Lock season 1 under the supervision of Tetsuaki Watanabe and Shunsuke Ishikawa. Taku Kishimoto penned the anime series, and Jun Murayama composed the soundtrack.

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