Brad Pitt Stunned At Babylon Premiere With Striking New Look!!

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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Brad Pitt looked very handsome in his hair makeover at the premiere of Babylon. We have seen how celebrities try to change their look by changing their fashion or hairstyle.

Talking about actors, most try to change their hairstyle or body transformation for personal and professional reasons. And if it is just a personal choice, then they try to keep it very simple and, at the same time, very stylish that can fit well with all kinds of looks.

If we talk about something like this, the actor Brad Pitt is on the list. The actor Brad Pitt was recently seen wearing a new haircut which matched him.

It was on 14 January 2023 when we have seen 59-year-old actor coming into the spotlight at the premiere of Babylon. This premiere happened on Saturday, and Brad Pitt appeared on the red carpet of Paris with his slick look.

Here you can check out some pictures of Brad Pitt from Babylon’s Premiere.

Brad Pitt Stunned At Babylon Premiere With Striking New Look!!

The event also had the appearance of many other celebrities and the supporting actor of Brad Pitt, Damien Chazelle. Coming to his fashion then, he was seen in a black suit and a black shirt which looked very handsome. Fans have loved this look of the actor recently sharing a romance with Ines de Ramon.

Many fans have expected him to come with his new romance; however, the actor decided to keep very much to himself. They both have spent the new year together in Mexico, but Brad Pitt has ignored his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston as they have almost run into each other.

If we talk about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, then the couple got divorced in the year 2005; however, in the current scenario, they are a good friend.

They got married on 29 July 2000, but the relationship went another way after five years. The actor moves on with Angelina Jolie.

Coming to his relationship with Angelina Jolie, the couple also got separated in 2016, and right now, they are dealing with some court procedures.

Jennifer decided to move on after their divorce from actor Justin Theroux, whom she married in 2015 but later on separated in 2017.

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