Bright 2 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed? Latest Update

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Bright 2: A sequel to Bright has been announced following the first film’s success in 2017. It’s still unclear whether a sequel is in the works, despite Will Smith’s iconic Oscar slap.

Bright, their urban fantasy epic, was the epitome of blockbuster filmmaking, right down to Will Smith’s inclusion in the cast. It was made on a budget of around $100 million. While Bright received a mixed response from critics at its initial release, fans were overwhelmingly positive, making it the most-watched Netflix original ever.

Bright is a film directed by David Ayer, who also directed Suicide Squad. It was written by Max Landis and directed by him. It is set in a parallel universe where humans cohabit with magical creatures like orcs and elves. Smith plays a Los Angeles cop who, against his will, is compelled to work with the country’s first Orc cop (Joel Edgerton). 

Not surprisingly, the duo’s first actual mission pits them against different factions in a battle for control of a powerful wand that some say holds the key to the feared “Dark Lord’s” return.

Here’s all we know about Netflix’s Bright 2 thus far.

Bright 2 Plot

Bright 2

Given that Netflix has hired a director and secured the return of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in Bright 2, the most obvious question for fans of the first film is what the sequel will be about. Even though the screenplay for Bright 2 has been finished and polished, the studio is keeping plot elements for the film a secret.

To be completely honest, we have no idea what the plot of Bright 2 will entail. With Smith and Edgerton’s return confirmed, you can expect a lot of the action to take place on the tough streets of L.A., with the odd pair from the L.A.P.D. pushed headfirst into some grand magical adventure.

Although a return to Los Angeles is nearly inevitable, at least part of Bright 2 is expected to open up the cosmos in terms of magical madness globally, according to the Collider post. 

It’s unclear whether this implies Smith and Edgerton’s cops would go to unknown areas as part of their new investigation or whether the case will have international elements.

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Bright 2 Cast

Aside from the release date uncertainty, Netflix has good news that Bright stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton seem interested in returning to the streets of Los Angeles for another gritty magical realism thriller. According to Collider’s sources, both stars have already committed to working together again for Bright 2. It’s still unclear who else might be joining the magical fray in the sequel.

A few vital cast members of Bright are no-gos for a sequel, given their fates in the first film. One of them is Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus), whose terrifying elf-assassin is often the most captivating feature of Bright. 

Bright 2

Although logic would dictate that Leilah could not return to Bright 2, we live in a realm where magic is quite natural, and resurrection is a distinct possibility. As a result, we wouldn’t be surprised if the figure wreaked even more havoc in the sequel.

While the sequel will undoubtedly feature a bunch of new characters, we’re betting that Edgar Ramirez and Happy Anderson’s roles as FBI Agents Kandomere and Montehugh will be reprised, if only because their “Magic Task Force” acquired control of a particular magical relic before the end of the first film. Lucy Fry is a sure bet to reprise her role as Tikka in Bright 2, though we’re unsure how the authors will work her into the plot.

Bright 2 Release Date

Bright 2

The sequel is not being hurried, given that Bright has been on Netflix for over three years. While this is most likely owing to the busy work schedules of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, it could also be related to Max Landis’ present troubles, given he wrote Bright from the ground up. Because of these concerns, Netflix decided to continue forward with Bright 2 without the world’s creator instead of relying on David Ayer and Evan Spiliotopoulos to co-write the upcoming film.

Many feel the project has been postponed or put on the back burner after a string of Will Smith projects have been canceled or halted. Smith’s actions at the Oscars, in which he slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, have put them on hold. After the Oscars, Smith was still onboard to reprise his role in the sequel, according to IndieWire.

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Netflix has stopped Smith’s next feature, Fast and Loose, which he was working on. The revelation was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, albeit it made no mention of Bright 2 or Cobra Kai (on which Smith is an executive producer) or their future intentions.

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