California’s Deaf Football Team Is Undefeated, Bringing Joy and Pride to the Community

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Football fans in California and beyond have been captivated and inspired by the undefeated California School for the Deaf team in Riverside, which was once considered an underdog.

For the first time in the school’s 68-year history, the Cubs Varsity football team has won the division championship game.

“Honestly, the deaf community is inspired by it. We’ve never made it this far in the playoffs before, with an 11-and-0 record “ABC News spoke to coach Keith Adams about this. When it comes to the players’ self-esteem, “you can see a major difference.” “The community is so excited, the morale has been elevated, and our players’ self-esteem has been boosted.”

According to wide receiver Jory Valencia, their lack of a successful season only “fired us up” and inspired them to work harder each time they went out on the field.

“We’re now annihilating every game we play. We’re letting the world know that we can play. We’re not going to lose any time soon, mate “Then, he added.

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Members of the team and coaches use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with ABC News.

Enos Zornoza, the team’s running back, attributed the team’s success this season to their perseverance and hard work during practice.

He said that they’ve been aiming for the championship since the beginning, but they’ve taken it “one game at a time, one practice at a time,” he explained.

“They’re like, “Come on, guys,” when other players engage in pranks. Stay steadfast. Stay focused on the task at hand. So I believe that it is simply a matter of teamwork “Phillip Castaneda, a wide receiver and quarterback, spoke to ABC News about the historic season.

There is “amazing chemistry” between Castaneda and his teammates, which helps them perform at their best.

Adams said that his players have made coaching “easy” for him because they are so talented.

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As expected, the team has exceeded my expectations. “I had no doubt that we’d have a great team, but they’ve blown me away.”

In response to the question, Zornoza said he hoped the Cubs’ story of triumph would inspire other deaf kids and give them hope.

“We’re capable of anything we put our minds to. Deaf people are capable of anything “It was his opinion. It’s a myth that we fit the mold, but we don’t.

“That we’re capable of doing it right is a sensation. Even other schools for the deaf are capable of doing this.”

The team is now preparing to leave for the state. “Our quest for a championship ring continues with one more game to go.

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