Chinese warships pass between Japan: Are we seeing a new potential war?

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Chinese warships pass between Japan: “Preparation for missions that may include a military conflict across the Taiwan Strait,” according to state media. 

On Monday, eight Chinese ships, led by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s aircraft carrier Liaoning, transited the Okinawa island chain between Japan and China.

In this article, you will learn why Chinese warships pass between Japan.

Why did China send the carrier through this route?

Chinese Warships Pass Between Japan

According to people who work for both the Japanese defense ministry and the Chinese state media, the warships sailed between Okinawa’s main island and the smaller Miyako island. The Liaoning carrier’s helicopters took off and landed. 

According to Chinese naval doctrine, sailing past these islands indicates a power projection by the Chinese navy, which Chinese warships pass between Japan.

According to a press release from Japan’s defense ministry, the Japanese navy sent the helicopter carrier Izumo and P-1 maritime patrol aircraft and P-3C anti-submarine aircraft after Chinese warships pass between Japan.

The US 7th Fleet, based in Japan, is also expected to monitor the movements of the Chinese warships pass between Japan.

At least eight warships, including destroyers, are among the largest group of warships sent out to sea by China. According to experts cited by the state-run Global Times, this “marks a significant combat capability boost in preparation for missions that include a possible military conflict across the Taiwan Strait.” 

Liaoning and Shandong are China’s two aircraft carriers. As the PLA Navy expands rapidly, a third ship is expected to be built this year.

Based on previous voyages, the Chinese warships will most likely sail further east into the Pacific Ocean after passing through the Miyako Strait. They may also pass through the Bashi Channel and head south to the island of Taiwan, where they will conduct training exercises in the South China Sea. 

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The aircraft carrier was accompanied by a guided-missile destroyer, a guided-missile frigate, and the Type 901 comprehensive supply ship Hulunhu as Chinese warships pass between Japan.

Chinese Warships Pass Between Japan

It was the first time a Chinese aircraft carrier was confirmed to have passed through the area since December last year, together with Chinese warships pass between Japan.

According to a December PLA release, the Chinese aircraft carrier group crossed the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea and entered the Western Pacific via the Miyako Straits late last year, conducting comprehensive exercises in various fields to improve the carrier group formation concept.

There has never been any doubt that China can use force to reunite Taiwan with the rest of the country. The reason why Chinese warships pass between Japan.

According to a 2021 US Department of Defense report, China already has its largest navy, and Beijing plans to increase its size from 355 to 460 ships by 2030.

The Liaoning’s passage and “realistic combat training mission” are sending a message to the US-led Quad, including India, Australia, and Japan. Beijing dubs the Quad a “clique” to keep China out of the Pacific Ocean.

Chinese Warships Pass Between Japan

S Jaishankar, India’s external affairs minister, dismissed China’s opposition to the Quad in February, claiming that the organization would do “positive things” and contribute to the prosperity and stability of the strategic Indo-Pacific region.

Background and analysis of China’s attitude towards Taiwan

In recent months, the PLA has frequently deployed warships and flown fighter aircraft in the Taiwan Strait as part of actual combat-like drills, which the self-ruled democracy views as a show of strength.

Tensions between the island and the mainland have risen due to disagreements over Taiwan’s status. The conflict over Taiwan has the potential to deteriorate US-China relations. Recently, Chinese warships pass between Japan to go to Taiwan.

Taiwan is an island in the Taiwan Strait that separates it from China. It is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC). It has been governed independently of mainland China under the name “People’s Republic of China” since 1949. (PRC). 

Taiwan is regarded as a renegade province by the PRC, which promises to “unify” Taiwan with the rest of the country in the future. Different perspectives exist in Taiwan, which has its own democratically elected government and a population of twenty-three million people, on the island’s status and relationship with the mainland.

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Cross-strait tensions have risen since Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen was elected in 2016. Tsai has refused to accept a formula supported by Ma Ying-jeou’s predecessor to allow greater cross-strait cooperation. Meanwhile, Beijing has become more assertive, flying fighter jets close to the island. According to some analysts, a Chinese attack on Taiwan could spark a war with China.

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