Conversation With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes Reviews

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No one in the country would ever forget the name Jeffrey Dahmer as he was the ruthless nerve-writhing serial killer of all time. These crimes and the killings happened back in the long past years, this crime has been made into a series by Ryan Murphy on Netflix and now it is been streaming on top 10 and the dusted concealed facts related to the serial killings are now documented by Joe Berlinger.

Conversation With a Killer

The release of Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story by Ryan Murphy revolves around the real-life incident of the ruthless monster Jeffrey Dahmer and how he has managed to evade arrest for so long. In more than a decade, Jeffrey Dahmer killed seventeen teen boys and a young men.

Conversation With A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes Reviews

The Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger he had documented the confessions of this gruesome murderer from unguarded interviews and this documentary has offered an unsettling view into a disturbed mind. This documentary is a limited series of three episodes.

This three-episode docuseries entails the story of how Jeffrey Dahmer became this cannibalistic necrophiliac serial killer who had inexplicably managed to evade the law for over a decade and finally was arrested and murdered by one of his inmates in the prison. Conversations with a killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer tapes is Netflix’s second project tackling the history and life of Jeffrey Dahmer. After Ryan Murphy’s miniseries drama hit on the top 10 with a wide range of views, then a second project by Joe Berlinger came up with the confessions tape of Jeffrey Dahmer. Before this content, late in 2019, Ted Bundy had put out the same content titled Conversations with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Before going into what the tapes entail, we should know about Jeffrey Dahmer and about his family.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer was the eldest son born to Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Dahmer. Jeffrey had a younger baby brother and they were living a good life until things turned pretty diabolical beyond their comprehension.

His parents were not aware of Jeffrey’s cannibalistic and necrophiliac nature until everything came in front of the light. In his father’s memoir, he had said about certain facts related to the Dahmer family. Jeffrey Dahmer killed seventeen teen boys mercilessly and young men too. How he became such a ruthless monster if his childhood was traumatic everything should be taken into consideration. His father Lionel Dahmer is living a life devoid of all these dramas with another girl, and his baby brother named David Dahmer is living under a new identity somewhere in the world completely devoid of being a serial killer’s brother. His mother Joyce Dahmer tried to commit suicide but how she escaped is unknown.

In Jeffrey Dahmer’s Own Words

Similar to the Bundy tapes which were telecasted years before Joe Berlinger’s docuseries entails audio clips of interviewing Jeffrey Dahmer with his bewildered attorney. This docuseries gave the audience firsthand accounts of Jeffrey’s crimes in his own voice.

Here Jeffrey Dahmer is disarmingly, absolutely straightforward about his actions and he speaks in a mundane monotone. Joe Berlinger is an Academy award nominee and he just ran through every possible necessary channel and material which mainly includes, Dahmer’s upbringing, his solitary social life, and any tinge of possibility that might have led Jeffrey down to this cannibalistic murderous path.

Everyone’s family would be dysfunctional in its own way and nobody could ever explain why Jeffrey Dahmer chose this path. Jeffrey Dahmer wonders why he is the way he is and why he is unapologetically incapable of feeling what others feel and till his death he couldn’t find the answers.

Through the words of Jeffrey Dahmer, there is nothing informative, but he is, again and again, repeating the rote retelling of his killings. Jeffrey talks about his desire to kill people and we can assert that he is completely devoid of empathy. Being absolutely incapable of empathy Jeffrey Dahmer soon fell into the world of an antisocial loner.

Testimonies from the witness spotlight Jeffery’s abysmal inhumanity actions. One of the victims shed light on how Jeffrey Dahmer relentlessly terrorized the whole community. According to reports, the murdered seventeen boys were gay men of color and a man who was a friend of one of the victims provides insight into some of the facts.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor also recalls the heartbreaking accounts and deeds of Jeffrey Dahmer. Several other interviews were really helpful to provide insight into the heart and soul of the story. But in fact, in spite of these documentaries, it doesn’t pave way for true revelations. When Joe Berlinger takes us into the childhood days of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of Jeffrey’s classmates named Eric Tyson recalls a strange event that happened and he said that Jeffery had a strong desire and liking for dead animals. Jeffrey Dahmer in the interview corroborates this event and said that he was so into dead things that he really likes to cut them and examine their insides.

Following this one of his other classmates nonchalantly describes how Jeffrey was capable of killing a beer and how vehemently and fervently he crack open a beer and watched it die. The most mind-writhing and ruthless thing was after playing around with each of Jeffrey’s victims after their death and even dismembering their corpses as he did to a cold beer or any other animal.

Joe Berlinger had managed to bring the salacious detail and the gory statements, and confessions of Jeffrey Dahmer describing his cannibalism or his necrophilia

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