Crysis 4: The Next Evolution Game Survival of Combat is Coming Back!

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Crysis 4: After nine years, Crytek has released another edition in the Crysis franchise. How will the game be altered? Will Crytek redefine first-person shooters? Time will tell.

Nobody predicted that Crytek would announce the fourth installment of their Crysis franchise in 2022. This development studio surprised fans with unexpected news after years of silence.

What is Crysis?

Crysis 4

Crysis is a television series set in a dystopian near-future setting in which U.S. special forces equipped with powerful exoskeleton uniforms known as “nanosuits” attempt to repel both hostile forces from North Korea and an ancient alien race known as the Ceph—who appear to have been present on Earth for at least 65 million years. 

Though it never achieved the success of some of its contemporaries, such as “Halo” or “Call of Duty,” “Crysis” carved out a substantial player community that has anticipated word of a new release with bated breath.

We anticipate that New York City will return as a playable area in Crysis 4. However, in the fourth chapter of Crysis, more locations such as San Francisco or Chicago could be explored. After 45 years of infection, how would the virus have harmed these areas? 

We’d all like to give it a shot. However, little information regarding the game’s settings is accessible for the time being. We’ll keep you updated when additional information becomes available.

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What Are the features of Crysis?

Crysis 4’s gameplay has yet to be revealed. So yet, we’ve just seen a little CGI trailer that teases some of the themes and hints at where the franchise might be heading.

We hope to see more during the Summer Games Fest later this year.

Crytek hasn’t revealed much about Crysis 4, although the reveal trailer below teases a few things.

YouTube video

To begin, the video shows Nomad’s helmet and cataclysmic-like events such as the destruction of the world and what appears to be the sun exploding (or maybe being destroyed).

This could hint that Nomad and the universe from the first three games are no longer present and that Crysis 4 would be a soft relaunch of the franchise somehow.

The phrase “it’s time to join the journey and be the hero” may hint that the series is transitioning to a live-service, co-op format. The word “join” suggests that you will be working with buddies.

Aside from that, there isn’t much more to pick apart in this footage.

Crysis 4

Crysis 4 Release Date

There is no stated release date for “Crysis 4” because it is still in early development. Crytek mentioned in the official announcement that such a game “will be a long time” until it is launched, so if you’re excited about this one, you should wait. 

Even though no official release date has been announced, the announcement of “Crysis 4” has sparked some interest.

What is known is that “Crysis 4” is being created to develop a “truly next-gen shooter” and will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

It is unknown if the games will be available on the older PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Crysis 1, 2, and 3’s release date

Crysis and Crysis Warhead will be released in 2020 in the mythical Lingshan Islands off the coast of the Philippines. The protagonists in both games are members of the fictitious “Raptor Team,” a US special forces operation assigned to the island to investigate North Korea’s provocative acts. 

The player uses a range of weapons, including standard projectile weapons like handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles (all of which can be altered in real-time with scopes and attachments), explosives, and the nanosuit’s intrinsic skills. 

Multiplayer game modes present imagined future weapons based on ice technology provided by extraterrestrial villains later discovered to have landed on the island. Single-player Raptor Team pits you against the North Korean military and these otherworldly foes.

The sequel to the previous game, Crysis 2, takes place in New York City in 2023. The protagonist is a new character named Alcatraz, a United States Marine. 

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The game’s nanosuit (dubbed “Nanosuit 2”) is a simplified version of the original, with no separate “strength” and “speed” modes, instead of performing context-sensitive actions of heightened strength or agility but retaining the separate “armor” and “cloak” modes. 

Crysis: Legion, a novelization of Crysis 2, was released in March 2011 by Peter Watts.

Crysis 4

Crysis 3, like its predecessor, is set in New York. The game, set in 2047, sees Prophet return to the now nanodome-encased New York City on a vengeance mission against CELL, having found the truth behind their intentions for building the isolated nanodomes.

Crytek promised a “radical future” for Crysis 3, which marked the culmination of the Crysis trilogy. Yerli said that the next version will not be titled Crysis 4, calling such a title “misleading.” On June 12, 2012, Crytek said that the company would focus completely on free-to-play titles following the release of Crysis 3.

Crysis is still one of the best MMO FPS games available.

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