Don’t miss out on Tulsa King Episode 8! Get all the details and stay up to date

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Narinder kumar
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Don'T Miss Out On Tulsa King Episode 8! Get All The Details And Stay Up To Date

Paramount+’s new crime drama, Tulsa King, has become a must-watch series for viewers and critics. The show is widely applauded, with an impressive IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10. Don’t miss the anticipated episode eight release date on November 13th 2022!

Are you one of the many fans eagerly awaiting Tulsa King Episode 8? Are you frantically searching for its release date all over the internet? After sorting through every detail, we have heard your cries and created a unique guide for you! Don’t wait any longer – check out our guide now!

This essay will delve into the Tulsa King Episode 8 Release Date and other related details like streaming services, episode lists for the current season, cast information, etc. Shall we begin?

Tulsa King Episode 8: Release Date & Time

Don'T Miss Out On Tulsa King Episode 8! Get All The Details And Stay Up To Date

Episode 8 will be available on Paramount+ on Sunday, January 1st, 2022, at 3:00 a.m. ET. The title and duration of Episode 7 were unclear at the time of release.

What Is Tulsa King’s Story About?

A tale that is completely insane. This senior ex-con seemed to understand how things work at the dispensary. He’s 100 years old and has been in prison for the last 40 years, but he travels the world like a seasoned veteran. You can’t bring yourself to root for the protagonist since he’s so unlikeable.

Despite my hard work, the producers of this show neglected to add that its essential character had recently been released from jail. I am deeply disappointed by their lack of attention and commitment to detail. If even one individual reads my review and is discouraged from seeing Stallone’s film due to his life circumstances, I have made a difference.

Tulsa King Episode 7: Recap

Dwight Manfredi gets the surprise of a lifetime when Goodie graces Tulsa with his presence to help Dwight and Chickie mend their relationship. Tragically, Stacy discovers that Groom has been slain, with her informant asserting it was at Dwight’s hands. Determined for answers, she faces him head-on but finds he is unwilling to admit or deny any involvement in the murder.

Stacy puts the heat on her mole, Groom’s girlfriend, to come up with concrete evidence for an arrest. But when she tries to retrieve Waltrip’s desktop containing the Black McAdams’ materials, the criminal mastermind catches her in action.

Don'T Miss Out On Tulsa King Episode 8! Get All The Details And Stay Up To Date

Waltrip strangles her to death after toying with her. Dwight has a date with the ranch’s owner, Margaret. They have tremendous chemistry wildly as Stacy, and Dwight’s relationship unravels.

Bodhi, along with Dwight, is the most prominent criminal. He tells The General that he has been stealing cryptocurrency from bitcoin investors and has millions stashed away in undisclosed accounts.

Tulsa King: Cast

  • Sylvester Stallone as Dwight “The General” Manfredi
  • Max Casella as Armand Truisi
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Don Charles “Chickie” Invernizzi
  • Vincent Piazza as Vince Antonacci
  • Jay Will as Tyson
  • A.C. Peters on as Pete “The Rock” Invernizzi
  • Andrea Savage as Stacy Beale
  • Martin Starr as Bohdi
  • Garrett Hedlund as Mitch Keller
  • Dana Delany as Margaret
  • Annabella Sciorra  as Joanne

How Many Tulsa King Episodes Are There?

The show’s first season is set to begin on November 13, 2022, and will be released in a regular weekly pattern, with its finale premiering on January 15, 2023. Viewers can look forward to an exciting journey every Sunday night with ten episodes!

Where Can I Watch Tulsa King?

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