Elden Ring Update: What We Know So Far

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Charles kenny
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The agonizing weight from software’s next big action RPG is nearly over, as Elden Ring looks set to this year, 2022. This will be available for Xbox series XS, Xbox 1, PS4, PS5, Steam, and PC. Looking forward, let us look at some things we need to know about the game. 

With Lore by the song of fire and ice author, George R.R Martin, Elden Ring sees players venturing to the lands Queen Marika rules over. However, the Elden Rings’ destruction and the scattering of its pieces, the great runes, have been less than ideal. It’s up to the player to gather the great runes and become the Elden Lord. The latest story trailer offered us some more details on the shattering, a war for the great runes that saw figures like General Radhan and Millenia fighting for supremacy.

Elden Ring Release Date

The game is set to release on February 25, 2022. Although according to FromSoftware, it was initially expected to release in January. There have been some short delays in October 2021 but at last! The game’s final version is now available and is ready to be put onto discs for physical sale. 

Elden Ring

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What is Elden Ring All About

The new game definitely looks like Dark Souls, but without knowing, the FromSoftware is pulling some new tricks as well. We also include what to expect in the Elden Ring to anticipate your expectations. 

The short version of what’s new includes:

Open world: Elden Ring is an open world with six main areas to explore for each player.

Jumping and riding: You can jump and fight on horseback while stabbing a dragon’s eye.

Guard Counter: Attacking immediately after blocking, separate from Parrying.

World map: A drawn map where you can place your own markers and have your own navigation.

On the other hand, the Eden Ring has this big open world called The Lands Between. It shows smaller dungeons, and you will also encounter mini-bosses. Branching out from this open world, FromSoft is reaching these “Legacy Dungeons,” which sounds like basically giant self-contained Souls areas. It is where the nastiest bosses and shiniest treasures sneak. 

Elden Ring did show up at the Summer Game event fest hosted by Geoff Keighley at the start of E3. If you have watched the trailer, FromSoftware showed off a good toss of gameplay with all kinds of familiar Souls action games. The design for the game really introduced Souls and a lot of staple series, too. 

The combat seems to have this kind of action RPG fare that we are already familiar with. Dodges are rolling, blocking, backstabbing and spellcasting. Here are the different things we will notice at Elden Ring. It will have horseback combat, a big focus on the summons, and freedom over how you will build your weapon.

The last thing we should not miss is the returns of: 

Co-op: Co-op for up to four players is supported.

PvP: Invasions are in, but you may not be able to invade solo players.

Bonfires: Fast travel and resting are back, now called Sites of Lost Grace.

Bloodstains: These are back too, for laughing at the mistakes of strangers.

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