Everything we know about Dollface Season 2: Expectations and Trailer

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Charles kenny
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Dollface Season 2 is almost here and we can’t wait for another exciting season!

Fans of Dollface have been waiting for more than two years ever since the last episode came out back in 2019, and the waiting is now finally over! Viewers will soon be able to see the world of Jules.

Read on to know more about Dollface Casts, Trailer, and Plot for Season 2.

What to expect in the upcoming Dollface Season 2

In the trailer Hulu released for Dollface’s upcoming second installment, Jules and company take a sexy dance class, go shopping for s*x toys, and more. What’s more exciting than a peek at the first trailer?

YouTube video

Hulu released the new trailer together with the poster which was much anticipated for the upcoming part two (2). Because of this, there have been mixed sentiments from the viewers that will make them familiar with what the characters are feeling, after spending time indoors due to the pandemic.

It will also follow the star’s new milestone, which is turning 30! It will be seen in the story how they would balance work, love, life, and self-appreciation in the world after the pandemic. Can you relate?

The official synopsis of the Dollface Season 2 describes it as, “Jules and her best friends — post-pandemic, post heartbreak, heading toward turning 30. Having successfully reunited with her friends, Jules must now balance keeping their group together as the women navigate work, love, and a deeper relationship with each of themselves.”

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When did Dollface Season 2 start filming?

Dollface Season 2 Sneak Peek

Actually, Dollface Season 2 was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic because it was one of the top tv shows back in 2019. Craig Erwich, president of ABC Entertainment, couldn’t hide his excitement on the new installment of the series.

Just like any other pandemic-era TV show, Dollface experienced delays in filming but finally got underway in July 2021 and wrapped in October.

The cast of Season 2

Of course, the girl gang will be back together for Season 2! Keep on reading to know who is who.

Kat Dennings as Jules Wiley. Dollface wouldn’t be dollface without her! Joining her is Brenda Song, who rose to fame at a young age because of Disney’s Sweet Life of Zack, and Cody, who will take the part of Madison.

Shay Mitchell will still be Stella Cole in the upcoming Season. Further, Esther Povitsky will be joining the cast as Izzy Levine, Malin Akerman as Celeste, Beth Grant as The Cat Lady, and Matthew Gray Gubler as Wes.

Release Date of Dollface Season 2

Premiere Of Doll Face Season 2 Coming This February 2022

Dollface was supposedly set to be aired back in 2020, but then again, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the production had to step back for two years.

Hulu is then set to premiere all of Season 2’s ten (10) episodes on Friday, February 11, 2022. Now you just have to sit back and relax and get ready to watch the splice of life story that the girl gals is about to take on.

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