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The world opened its eyes to the deluge of tweets about the passing of Pat Stay, one of the greatest Canadian rappers of all time.

Pat Stay, the King of the Dot champion, is known in the battle rap universe. However, his fans turned out to be the unhappiest of them all, as they can no longer listen to his live raps. The shining saga has left his soul at the age of 36. It is very unfortunate that we are writing this article in light of Pat’s untimely death. Although Pat Stay’s life ended on a high note, we have a lot to write about the legend.

Pat Stay Net Worth - Cause Of Death

Pat Stay Net Worth

About, Pat had a Net value from $1 million to 5 million as of 2022. He left the secular residency, leaving his own footprint as a rapper, which was also his main source of income.

Pat Stay Biography

Canadian rapper Pat Stay has captured the attention of millions of people through the breathtaking performances he has put on to date. He found his true potential and rushed to become the King of the Dot champion in a very short time. Several of his fights have been performed against rappers, including Daylyt, Arsonal and Dizaster.

Famous Battle Rapper Pat Stay Net Worth

The renowned rapper of the past decade was born on February 18, 1986 in Canada. As one of the most popular rappers, Pat has received a number of rounds of applause for his identity as a rapper. He was also a trending celeb, which became the hot topic at most meetings.

A few years ago, Pat made headlines for being heavily criticized for attacking rappers who were under the E-belt.

From 2022, Pat was of course on the well-known Rapper list. Apart from that, Wikifamouspeople has also honored Pat by including him in the list of popular celebrities as well. Sometimes after the criticism, Pat announced that he was going to stop rapping. But after his retirement, Pat was active several times in the ring, where he showed his superiority.

Until his death, it was rumored that Pat was single. Not even once was his name associated with a person, suggesting romantic relationships, hence his relationship status at the time of his death was “single and unmarried”. However, Pat Stay is said to have 4 children. But the whereabouts of the mother are veiled.

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Pat Stay Dead; cause of death

Young rapper Pat Stay died on September 4, 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the tender age of 36. His death was followed by the release of the song Dropping The Game Diss. Pat was stabbed to death and police confirmed they received a call from the 1600 block of Lower Water Street at an unusual hour. However, no arrest has been made as no accurate information has been obtained by the department so far.

However, Pat was unable to fight his death as it took away one of his highly prized talents quite early than expected. He didn’t even make it to the hospital, but surrendered to death on the way. TMZ’s official account on Sept. 4 tweeted confirming the death of the public’s favorite rapper, who was dead after a stabbing incident that occurred in Canada’s Nova Scotia.

A day before the incident, Pat himself tweeted to get the attention of his fellow fans for his latest rap, My Diss to the Game. The song was a critique of Eminem’s The Black Slim Shady. He even challenged to a back-to-back fight, but unfortunately things are strange now. But The Game literally blocked Pat, even though the world expected some kind of engagement. It is sad how he himself did not expect his death, which was planned for the next day.

The music industry mourns the death of Pat Stay, who died in Halifax. Apparently, the hip-hop star went there to attend the wedding ceremony of one of his friends whom he met as a roommate.

Upon hearing the news, many hip-hop artists have paid tribute to the deceased soul on Twitter, where they have shared their heartfelt condolences to Pat’s near and dear ones. The Alchemist Type Beat wrote about how he considered Pat to be the best rapist to date.

Immortal Technique also came forward and revealed that even he is hurt over Pat’s death, although neither of them had a specific connection. He said his friend was deeply moved because they knew the man, who was a cool and down to earth guy.

Joining the benefactors, Justin thanked Pat for being the best and regretted that they hadn’t used their time together well. Last but not least, Chris Webby wrote in a certain emotional state about how impossible Pat’s death at such a young age was.

Pat Stay Nationality

While many details of Pat are still kept secret, we know that Pat is a Canadian singer, which makes it clear that he is Canadian. We are still looking for his history so we can get some more reliable information such as Pat’s religion, his ethnicity and more.

Pat Stay Career

Pat Stay was born in Canada and as a teenager he was very interested in rape, so he grew up to be a better rapper. He is on the popular Rapper list because he has participated in many rap battles. Recently, Pat was heavily criticized for attacking rappers who were under the E-belt.

The hip-hop artist was known for his live battle raps in which he boasts freestyle.

Pat Stay Education

Pat went to a private school for his primary education, and before graduating, he chose another private university. The exact details are not available. We are still looking for that.

How long was Pat Stay?

Pat Stay was six feet tall, in other words, he was 182.88 inches.

How old was Pat Stay at the time of his death?

Pat Stay died on September 4, 2022, when he was only 36.


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