For All Mankind Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More!

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For All Mankind Season 3: Season 3 of For All Mankind has wrapped filming, which means we’re one step closer to taking a great leap into the future and landing on Mars!

The upcoming third season of the Apple TV Plus space drama will be picked up where the second left off, with another jaw-dropping time jump at the close of an intense episode that put humanity on Earth and the Moon at risk of extinction.

For All Mankind Season 3 Expected Plot

The upcoming For All Mankind Season 3 will continue the epic saga that began with a startling premise: What if the Russians were the first to land on the Moon, ahead of the Americans?

The space race never ended, and the competition to inhabit the Moon and beyond between the two Cold War rivals only intensified.

For All Mankind Season 3

Season 3 picks up in 1995 when the first astronauts stepped foot on the red planet. Cast member Sonya Walger stated on Instagram that filming concluded during September.

For All Mankind’s first season covers 1969 through 1973 rapidly. Season 2 took place in 1983, with Ronald Reagan as President of NASA and the United States.

Now the show is fast-forwarding, bringing a new president, new astronauts, new missions, and new obstacles.

Both on Moon and the Earth, the tension between the Americans and the Russians reaches a breaking point in the finale.

The Marines enthrall the Russian cosmonauts in a gunfight at the Jamestown base, which could result in a nuclear reactor meltdown.

Tracy (Sarah Jones) and Gordo (Michael Dorman) must solve the problem to save everyone on the base and prevent the Moon from becoming uninhabitable for thousands of years.

They duct-tape themselves and sprint into the hostile lunar environment. They succeed, but it comes at the cost of their lives. In each other’s arms, they die like heroes.

Meanwhile, Sally (Ellen Wroe) is at odds with Ed (Joel Kinnaman) in lunar orbit over the destruction of a Russian spacecraft.

Danielle (Krys Marshall), in orbit around Earth aboard Apollo, defies orders and docks with the Soyuz. President Ronald Reagan is inspired to make peace with the Russians after her handshake with an astronaut is beamed worldwide.

Margo (Wrenn Schmidt) receives a call from her Soviet counterpart Sergei after the Stevenses’ sad funerals. But it turns out he’s collaborating with intelligence officers to transform Margo into a valuable tool for their cause.

The camera then shifts to Mars, where a pair of red-soil boots crumble. The year is 1995.

What’s ahead for Season 3 of For All Mankind? There’s so much sweetness here!

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For All Mankind Season 3 Expected Cast

For All Mankind Season 3

Season 3 will bring some changes to For All Mankind’s large ensemble cast, albeit they’ll be difficult to predict.

Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones will not be returning because Gordo and Tracy Stevens gave their lives to preserve the Moon from nuclear catastrophe.

The other primary cast members may return. However, their characters will be in their 40s or 50s, necessitating the use of aging cosmetics.

Joel Kinnaman plays ed Baldwin, Shantel VanSanten plays Karen Baldwin, Jodi Balfour plays Ellen Wilson, and Wrenn Schmidt plays Margo Madison.

And, thanks to Sonya Walger’s filming update, we know she’ll be reprising her role as Molly Cobb, despite the character’s early stages of glaucoma. Molly could be diagnosed with cancer in Season 3.

Coral Pea as Aleida Rosales, Casey W. Johnson as Danny Stevens, and Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin are among the younger cast members expected to continue around. Perhaps one of the latter two is the astronaut wearing the boots on Mars’ surface.

For All Mankind Season 3

For All Mankind Season 3 Release Date

For All Mankind Season 3 is yet to be announced by Apple TV Plus.

The first season began on November 1, 2019, with the launch of Apple TV Plus. Season 2 will premiere on February 19, 2021.

We’re anticipating that For All Mankind season 3 will be released in the summer or fall of 2022, based on the filming schedule and the amount of post-production work and special effects necessary.

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