Gentefied Season 3: Update – Netflix show is Cancelled

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Is Gentefied Season 3 getting canceled? 

Unfortunately, the critically acclaimed Latino comedy series failed to make an impression on the viewers, and it will not be renewed for a third installment. 

The second series premiered on Netflix back in 2021, but it did not get much attention, unlike the creators anticipated. 

Read more to know about the details. 

All About Gentefied: Storyline 

Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez create a Netflix original show.

The series follows the story of three Mexican cousins and their struggles to chase the American Dream while attending to other problems. These problems threaten their neighborhood, immigrant grandfather, and the family taco shop.

Gentefied Season 1 Recap 

The series premiered on Netflix back in February 2020, created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chavez. 

The first season, as expected, was set in Boyle Heights. It shows how the Mexican American family comes to terms with love, identity, and American Dream.

The first season ended when Lidia’s water broke, and everyone rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Pop, one of the main characters, gets pulled over by the police, who tell him he has an outstanding arrest warrant on a vandalism charge from six months ago.

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The finale ends with a cliffhanger revealing that Pop is actually being arrested by ICE.

Gentefied Season 2 Recap

The family drama had growth and development in the second season, character and story-wise.

A few additions to the cast included Melinna Bobadilla plays Melinna, Ivana Rojas as Sarai, and Clarissa Thibeaux as Bree.

The story of the second installment tackled Casimiro’s court case but still ended with resolutions to the conflicts. Casimiro managed to win the case and get his green card approved as a citizen.

If we do get a Season 3, we might expect to see more of their lives on new conflicts already. 

Gentefied Season 3: Is it getting Renewed or Canceled?

Gentefied Season 3 Of Netflix: Cancelled

Netflix decided not to renew the Gentefied for a third season. They decided this after a month of the release of Gentefied Season 2. 

Sadly, even if fans ask for another season, Netflix has decided not to continue and end it with Season 2. Although there are no exact reasons released and explained, reports believe that it might be because of its low rating or not appearing in the Netflix Top 10. 

This was not the first Latino show to have struggled on the streaming platform. The show One Day at a Time was also canceled under similar circumstances.

So to answer the question, Gentefied Season 3 is officially canceled. 

While some might not be unaffected by the news, some are also upset to see Gentefied go. Fans use social media to express their feelings that the show bids goodbye to Netflix as early as Season 2. 

Gentefied Season 3: Cast 

Gentefied Season 3 Of Netflix: Cancelled

Since Gentefied Season 3 is already canceled, there is no need for an official list for Gentefied Season 3. 

Although, here is a list for your reference of the casts and roles that were played in the past two seasons: 

  • Joaquín Cosío as Casimiro “Pop” Morales
  • J.J. Soria as Erik Morales
  • Karrie Martin Lachney as Ana Morales
  • Carlos Santos as Chris Morales
  • Julissa Calderon as Yessika Castillo
  • Jaime Alvarez as Javier, 
  • Greg Ellis as Chef Austin
  • Annie Gonzalez as Lidia Solis
  • Bianca Melgar as Nayeli Morales
  • Laura Patalano as Beatriz Morales
  • Rafael Sigler as Pancho Solis
  • Al Patiño as Chuey
  • Brenda Banda as Norma
  • Felipe Esparza as Crazy Dave
  • Michelle Ortiz as Connie
  • Manuel Uriza as Ernesto Morales 
  • Melinna Bobadilla as Melinna Barragán 
  • Ivana Rojas as Saraí Damian 
  • Clarissa Thibeaux as Bree Solano 

Although we are a bit sad to see Gentefied Season 3 go, you can still re-watch the first two seasons on Netflix.

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