Ghosts of Morgan City 2: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

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Is Ghosts of Morgan City 2 finally happening?

The fans have been waiting for the second season ever since the first installment ended. Do we know when it will air?

Ghosts of Morgan City is an American sci-fi TV show. It follows a crew of paranormal investigators who investigates possible hauntings in Morgan City, Louisana.

Ghosts of Morgan City first aired on Travel Channel on June 21, 2019. So far there has been one season. The series currently has a 6.2 out of 10 IMDb rating, based on 69 user votes.

Read more to know the details of Ghosts of Morgan City 2.

The Plot of Ghosts Morgan City

Ghosts Of Morgan City 2

Ghosts of Morgan City follows an increase of unexpected emergencies.

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The docu-series narrative begins with a woman claiming to have encountered a spirit while driving through a hazy stretch beside Lake Palourde.

Because of this, the mayor and chief of police assemble a team of paranormal experts to examine the strange supernatural activity. A trio of expert paranormal investigators is called in for the emergency in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Each episode of Ghosts of Morgan City follows the members as they strive to understand the mysteries surrounding Morgan City’s unusual actions by attempting to discern patterns to arrive at credible answers.

Ghosts of Morgan City offer intriguing details about the town’s tumultuous history, as brought to light by local historian Diane Wiltz. You can watch more of the show on available streaming sites.

Ghosts of Morgan City 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, Ghosts of Morgan City has not yet been renewed for another season.

Ghosts of Morgan City Season 1 premiered on Travel Channel on June 21, 2019, and each segment is comprised of eight episodes that run for 60 minutes.

Here is a list of the 8 episodes of the first season:

  • Episode 1 – The Mist
  • Episode 2 – Ghost Girl
  • Episode 3 – Blue Shirt of Idlewild
  • Episode 4 – Pirate Island
  • Episode 5 – Irish Bend Soldier
  • Episode 6 – Berwick Bloody Four
  • Episode 7 – Haunted Headquarter
  • Episode 8 – The Man in Black

Travel Channel has yet to formally announce the second season of Ghosts of Morgan City. We do not know for sure if the show will be renewed or the first season will be the only installment of Ghosts of Morgan City.

But still, it does not ruin the possibility of having a second season because there is also no information regarding the cancellation of the show.

We can assume that the show may be on a break. Keep updated for more information regarding the release date.

Ghosts of Morgan City 2: Cast

Ghosts Of Morgan City 2

Since there is no update if Ghosts of Morgan City will have a second season, we are unsure about the official list of Ghosts of Morgan City 2.

Hopefully, we will still get to see more of the original casts. Among them are Ben Hansen, Jereme Leonard, and Sarah Lemos star.

Hansen is well-known for his appearances on Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files and Paranormal Lockdown. He has also been in Paranormal Lockdown and Ghosts Of Shepherdstown.

Ben Hansen is a former FBI agent with exceptional investigative abilities. On the other hand, Leonard is a demonologist that has appeared on numerous podcasts. And Lemos, the team’s psychic, completes the trio.

Sarah Lemos previously appeared as a special guest on Banner Travel’s Ghost Hunter Cruise as a native of Salem, Oregon.

The other cast to join the show is Diane Wiltz, James Blair, and mayor Grizzaffi.  Diane Wiltz is a local historian and archivist while James Blair is the City Police Chief.

Ghosts of Morgan City 2: Trailer

Since we do not know for sure if Ghosts of Morgan City 2 is renewed, then we do not have access yet to the official trailer.

Instead, you can take a look at Season One’s trailer and have a recap of what Ghosts of Morgan City are about.

YouTube video

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