Gold Rush Season 12: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Many More

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Are you excited to intensify your gold haunting? Embrace yourselves as we look forward to the upcoming episodes of Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Gold Rush Season 12.

Now, I know that you think that if all the gold around the globe has been dug up, honestly, there are still plenty of people with that excavator ability.

You will see the plenty of drama and ruches this season has to bring for you. And as far as we know, there is so much gold to go around that we are not aware of. The crews in the show will do everything to dig it up; even the metal’s in the earth.

Gold Rush Season 12 Release Date

Looking back, most of the episodes premiered during the fall. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the crews did not have much time to slow down and stop. Despite the challenging situation, they retained the usual time frame for the show and came out last October 23, 2020.

Although, there is no specific date yet for the official premiere. The production said that Season 12 could also be released again on Discovery Channel in the same time frame in Season 11.

What is Gold Rush Season 12 All About

Although the crews had experienced particular trouble, delays for the shoot, and many more, the teams did not stop. In Season 12, you will see Parker visiting Alaska. At this point, he is willing to take some risks, while on the other hand, Mitch is out there dealing with his own business.

It is up to Mitch to deliver what Parker wants while he is not around. Their mission is clear; however, if you look at their situation, Mitch had to switch the strategies for the mud mountain.

Gold Rush Season 12

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On the other hand, Rick is busy with his mission, leading many diggers to bankrupt. Like Parker, he is also willing to risk everything, and after analyzing the areas and receiving some advice, he came to the point that it will be one of the deepest he was going for.

Quite scary, I know, but he is so determined. The upcoming episode will show us how Rick’s big machine goes down, which will help him pursue his mission. While Tony, with his crew, spent tons of money for equipment for Indian River Claim, unfortunately, their water license has been declined. Well, we will find out more! If you are one of the crew, will you risk what it takes or accept that you have failed your mission?

Gold Rush Season 12 Episodes

The upcoming episodes for Season 12 consist of 12, which includes: Ground War, Battle of the Greenhorns, Crash and Berm, $9 Million Mistake, Crank it Up, The Hunker Creek Curse, Family Matters, The kIng’s Gambit, Saving Rick’s Bacon, The Vindication, Glory Hole on the Hill, Episode 12, Little Eldorado, Bonus Gold, Episode 18, Beets, Babies, and Boneyards, King of Keno, and The Dirt: Season 8 – Yukon Utopia.

Gold Rush Season 12 Cast and Characters

  • Parker Schnabel was born with his real name, Parker Russel Schnabel, and is a known actor and producer.
  • Tony Beets is known for Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune and Gold Rush: South America.
  • Rick Ness – an actor known for The Hoofman Story and Gold Rush.
  • Fred Lewis: He’s married to Khara Lewis, and he holds a great character in Gold Rush.

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