Great Pretender Season 3: Netflix Renewal, Status, and Release Date

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Charles kenny
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The first two seasons of Great Pretender received many positive reviews from its audiences which is why fans can not wait for Great Pretender Season 3 to come to Netflix. This has raised a lot of questions from the viewers. Whell will season 3 arrive? When will it release? Will it ever be released? Unfortunately, the streaming giant has not announced that they will renew the series.

The Great Pretender is a Netflix original crime-comedy anime series. Directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Kosawa, it is said to be one of the most popular anime series with a rating of 8.3 out of 10 to ever premiered on the streaming platform. The first installment debuts in August 2020 in the United States, the second installment premiered in November of the same year.

The show’s producer expressed their gratitude to the viewers for supporting their work and asked for their help to bring Great Pretender Season 3 to Netflix by increasing the number of views on the said streaming powerhouse.

Great Pretender Season 3: Storyline

The previous season may have ended properly but it was still an open-ended conclusion that leads fans to ask a lot of questions. Regarding the synopsis, Makoto Edamura is known as the best swindler in Japan. He again did his usual dirty work by attempting to steal from a foreigner’s pocket. Little did he know that he had just met his karma. The foreigner ripped off all his money-making Makoto chased him to Los Angeles to get back what he claimed was his. We can also expect Laurent to finally be over his obsession with Dorothy as he took the ring out of Dorothy’s fingers and throw it into the sea. There is just so much that we want to see from the show that we are hoping Netflix will release an announcement soon.

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Cast and Characters

If ever there will be Great Pretender Season 3, we expect the following characters to return from their roles.

  • Makoto Edamura is the protagonist con man who aspires to more incredible things. He finds a job to settle his mother’s medical bill to which he unknowingly got engaged in criminal events. It resulted in him being arrested.
  • Laurent Thierry is an expert French con man.
  • Abigail Jones is an athletic and taciturn woman. When she was young, she lost her parents, which led her to be Laurent’s second-in-command soldier.
  • Cynthia Moore is the clever associate of Laurent, uses her feminine charms to manipulate targets.
  • Kudo is a Japanese con-man and Makoto boss for his first job.
  • Kim Si Won is one of Laurent’s associates and Korean con-woman
  • Akemi Suzaku is the CEO of Suzaku Association
  • Ishigami is Edamame’s boss.

Great Pretender is an anime series that will not leave you disappointed. The story is full of adventure that will repeatedly make you want to watch. Thankfully, you can still binge-watch the previous episodes all you want while waiting for Great Pretender Season 3 to come out because all two last seasons are available on different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Fuji TV, and +Ultra anime programming block.

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