Grimcutty Horror Movie 2022: Release Date: Plot, Cast, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far!

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Hulu has released the official trailer for Grimcutty, an upcoming Hulu Original horror film that will be available to stream on Halloween, October 10, 2022.

In the new movie, a suburban teen and her younger brother must put an end to a horrific internet meme by their overreacting parents.

This year’s “Huluween” lineup includes Grimcutty, directed by John Ross (“The Birch”) (Usman Ally VEEP, A Series of Unfortunate Events), Shannyn Sossamon (Wayward Pines Sleepy Hollow), Callan Farris (Gabby Duran & the Unsittables), Alona Tal (SEAL Team), and Kayden Koshalev (Search Party The Tragedy of Macbeth). Among the cast are Usman Ally (), Shannyn Sossamon (), Callan Farris (), Alona Tal (), and Kayden Koshalev.

Director John Ross
Writer John Ross

Grimcutty will become available on Hulu on October 10, 2022.

What is the Movie About?

In the film, a teenage girl from a suburban neighborhood and her younger brother battle to halt a horrific internet meme that their parents’ anxiety has brought to life.

Grimcutty: The Storyline

What starts as a trend on the internet, quickly turns into a nightmare for the children in Grimcutty when it becomes popular.

When a meme is converted into a real-world occurrence, it is designed for children. The only way it may appear is if the parents are genuinely concerned about their child.


According to the logline on Hulu, a suburban teen girl and her younger brother must stop a horrible online meme brought to life by their parents’ worries.

The more concerned and scared the parents become about the meme, it appears that the situation becomes more dangerous for everyone involved.

The preview suggests that, due to the Grimcutty’s prevalence, parents will no longer send their children to school. “Some of you have chosen to remain home in light of recent events,” someone in authority informs a class, which can be interpreted a variety of ways.

The paranoia that the main character’s parents develop after hearing their friends’ parents talk about the internet legend at a school event is palpable. Even the police are aware of what’s going on since they frequently get calls from people who want them to come tomain character’s house.

Who Will Be the Cast in Grimcutty?

The role of Asha Chaudhry, the teen who tries to stop the Grimcutty, is played by Sara Wolfkind. In addition to HR 805 and Love All You Have Left, she has also been in many other films.

Callan Farris portrays Kamran, Asha’s younger brother. He is probably most well-known for his role as Gabby Duran on the Disney Channel show Gabby Duran & The Unsittables.

Usman Ally stars as Amir, the head of the family, while Shannyn Sossamon plays his wife Leah. Usman Ally has previously appeared on programs such as The Deuce, Suits, and Veep. Many people will recall him from films like Sinister 2 and possibly Sleepy Hollow and Wayward Pines.

Joel Ezra Hebner portrays the title role of The Grimcutty. The Beast of Bray Road and Slay Belles aren’t the only movies where he’s played a monster.

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Grim Horror Film 2022 (Grimcutty): Trailer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Am I Able To See Grim?

The horror fantasy movie grim Grimm is free with Amazon Prime Video U.S. On Itunes, Google Play, and Vudu. You may watch Grimm on Amazon Prime Video abroad by connecting to a US VPN server.

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