Has Seven Kings Must Die replaced The Last Kingdom Season 6 as the new season to watch?

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There’s something about historical shows that draw in individuals. Games of thrones and the current series The Last Kingdom. As of March 2022, the most recent season of The Last Kingdom was available on Netflix.

Given the show’s gripping battle sequences, actual events, and rapid-fire storytelling, it’s not hard to see why viewers want to know when we’ll receive season 6 of The Last Kingdom. Here is all we know at the moment.

Will There Be A Sixth Season Of The Last Kingdom?

A sequel film titled Seven Kings Must Die announced by Carnival a few months after the cancellation of The Last Kingdom after season 5.

“When we started shooting the show, there were ten books that Bernard Cornwell had written, and we had designed the program in a way that season 5 was always going to be the last season,” revealed Dreymon at The Last Kingdom’s MCM London Comic-Con event hosted by RadioTimes.com writer David Craig.


Has Seven Kings Must Die Replaced The Last Kingdom Season 6 As The New Season To Watch?

“But we’ve been discussing the possibility of a short extension for some time now… because this doesn’t feel like the end.  Filming on Seven Kings Must Die has already begun in Hungary, and it will feature several members of the original television ensemble reprising their roles.

Fans of The Last Kingdom should view this sequel special more as an epilogue to the main plot than the beginning of a brand new era, as Marchant has positioned it.

He confirmed that Season 5 would be the last and that the film would be considerably more independent of the TV show. Fans of the TV program will enjoy it even more, but newcomers to the show will also enjoy it.

Why Is The Last Kingdom Ending With Season 5?

A long-term plan for the show’s overarching narrative led to the conclusion that The Last Kingdom would terminate after season 5. Before the launch of the TV series, only nine of Bernard Cornwell’s books in The Last Kingdom had been released.

Since the show’s creators always planned for it to conclude after season five, Dreymon assured viewers that the show wasn’t terminated despite what they may have heard. That news statement was significantly misinterpreted, he claimed.

“There was little shock factor because we had always anticipated that there would only be five seasons. When we first began, there were only ten novels, and that number determined the trajectory of the series… I’m pleased with the outcome.”

According to executive producer Marchant, the ending occurred at the “perfect time” because of a “shared decision” between production company Carnival and distributor Netflix. Starring Timothy Innes and Alexander Dreymon, season 5 of The Last Kingdom is set in the year 1602.

Has Seven Kings Must Die Replaced The Last Kingdom Season 6 As The New Season To Watch?

A lot of stories may be told in 10 hours, but you have to be careful not to repeat yourself, he said in July of 2021. “Every conflict asks, “How can we do this differently?” How can we make the fights more than just a bunch of faceless people throwing punches at each other?

And how long do you think you could go on with those two themes without reaching a crescendo?” Then, Marchant elaborated: “The goal was to wrap things up in a way that everyone would be happy with, and I think we succeeded.

We also wanted to ensure that every 50 episodes had a clear beginning, middle, and end. A well-curated ending is always preferable to one in which the story abruptly ends with no resolution from the narrator.”

So, What Comes Next For The Last Kingdom’s Characters?

Before you slam your fists on the table, you can rest assured that this isn’t the end of the road for Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s quest to unite kingdoms. The final three books of the epic will be adapted into a Netflix film titled Seven Kings Must Die.

Executive producer Nigel Marchant stated in an interview with Radio Times, “Sadly, Season 5 marks the end of the TV series & the film will function more independently. Those who have seen the show before will like it more, while newcomers to the series can also enjoy it.”

The events of season 5 appear to have culminated in a happy ending, with Uhtred having won the battle of Bebbanburg and moving closer to realizing his father’s dream of a united England. The film will adapt the final three books in the Saxon Stories series. Uhtred still has a ways to go on his quest, what with an angry king and a growing family.

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