Hellbound Season 2 New Updates: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Hellbound Season 2 is coming our way! Hopefully, soon. 

Netflix’s Hellbound is one of the shows that drags you into watching everything from start to finish, just from the beginning of episode 1. 

If you have watched the k-drama series, then you know. If not, spoilers to follow! 

What is Hellbound All About? 

Hellbound Season 2 Updates

The Korean drama Hellbound is Netflix’s latest hit series that had toppled Squid Game as the current most-watched TV show on the platform. 

Plot of Hellbound 

Hellbound is a dystopian drama based on a webtoon.

It is set in an alternate world where supernatural creatures appear out of the blue and tell humans the date and time. When it is their death time already, three gigantic monsters burst in from another dimension and incinerate that person on the spot.

A revelation that a mysterious force deliberately chooses certain people to lose their lives quickly sends the world into chaos. Individuals also started claiming to have known what was happening and began creating theories. 

The first season of hellbound premiered with six episodes, making it relatively short. Thus, there is a strong possibility of a second season. 

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Will there be a Hellbound Season 2?

We have yet to wait for the official announcement of Netflix if they are going to renew Hellbound for another season. 

Still, there are big hopes and chances to hold on to that Hellbound Season 2 is happening! 

When is the official release date of Hellbound Season 2? 

Since there are no words from the showrunners and Netflix regarding the renewal of the series, we have yet to wait for an update regarding the release date of Hellbound Season 2. 

However, if we assume that Netflix does renew the k-drama series, it would make sense that Hellbound Season 2 would come out a year after the first season was released. 

Hellbound Season 1 debuted on the streaming platform on November 19, 2021. It is safe to assume that if Hellbound does not get canceled, Hellbound Season 2 may be out by late 2022, likely in November or December.

Who will be part of the cast of Hellbound Season 2? 

Hellbound Season 2 New Updates: Release Date, Cast And Plot

The cats of Hellbound Season 1 made justice to the storyline and plot of the series. 

Fans are hoping to have them back for another season and are looking forward to solving more mysteries and deaths in their world. 

Among the casts that joined the first season are: 

  • Yoo Ah In as Jung Jun Soo 
  • Kim Hun Joo as Min Hye Jin
  • Yang Ik Jun as Jin Kyung Hoon
  • Park Jung Min as Bae Young Jae 
  • Won Jin Ah as Song So Hyun
  • Ryu Kung Soo as Yoo Ji
  • Kim Do Yoon As Lee Dong Wook
  • Lee Dong Hee as Kim Jung Chi
  • Cha Si Won as Deacon Sacheong

But of course, we are still anticipating seeing new faces in the second season to bring in new plot twists. 

What is the expected Plot of Hellbound Season 2?  

Although there are still no indications if the second installment of Hellbound will happen, the finale of Season 1 gave us a good hint as to what the series might follow for the second season. 

Hellbound’s first season kicks off with Soyhun asking Deacon Yuji about her baby’s tragic decree and why this happened in the first place. The New Truth Society, later on, calls a meeting with Chairman Kim where it’s decided that they need to isolate the mother and her baby so no one finds out that those without sin can still become hellbound.

Season 2 will surely pick up the first episode from these and take the problem head-on in this cliffhanger. 

Is there a Trailer Available for Hellbound Season 2?

Again, we have yet to wait for the official announcement of Netflix regarding the second season. When they do, stay tuned and wait for the official trailer of Hellbound Season 2. 

In the meantime, check out the first season’s official trailer.

YouTube video

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