Henry Ruggs Net Worth, Personal Life & Career Earnings 2022

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A lot of fans have been talking about Henry Ruggs Net Worth after making it abuzz on social media. Henry Ruggs is an American football wide receiver and is famous for playing for the NFL Las Vegas Raiders. Get to know more about the young 23-year-old NFL player, including his career and personal life. 

Who is Henry Ruggs?

Henry Ruggs, real name Henry James Ruggs III, is a 23 years old American football wide receiver who is playing in NFL for the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders just recently drafted Henry in the 2020 NFL Draft. 

The athlete drew media attention in 2021 when he was arrested for reckless driving resulting in death. Back then, he was driving his sports car Chevrolet Corvette with his girlfriend Kiara Kilgo Washington. 

Henry Ruggs Net Worth

Unfortunately, Henry Ruggs was drunk, and his alcohol level was twice the allotted limit. The car he was driving slammed into a Toyota RAV4. He and his girlfriend got injured. However, the other party died in the accident. 

Henry Ruggs Early and Personal Life

Henry Ruggs was born on January 24, 1999, in Montgomery, Alabama, United States.

In his younger years, Henry was already active in sports, and while studying in the 8th grade, he was promoted to the varsity football game, where he played the final two games of their season.

Ruggs studied at the Robert E. Lee High School and started playing high school football when he reached his junior year.

According to the report, his best friend Roderic Scott motivated him to play football. If you are a fan of the athlete, you know that Henry salutes him in his honor by his three-finger touchdown in a game. 

Henry’s love for football showed as he continued playing football in his senior year. Aside from football, Ruggs was also active in other sports like basketball and track running.

But as we can see, he excelled more in football and pursued it as part of his career. Thus, we must say, football plays a massive part in Henry Ruggs Net Worth.

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Henry Ruggs Career

After graduating high school, Henry started his career in 2017.

Because of his speed and excellent performance playing on the varsity team of his high school, Ruggs received a lot of offers from different scholarship grants from colleges, but he chose to play for the University of Alabama.

He won many games for his college team and played for Alabama college. While so, he won 9 matches for them and broke the team’s record. In 2017, he became one of the best football players in his college.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth

By 2020, he dropped out of college, was selected by the NFL draft Las Vegas Raiders, and became the best wide receiver on the team.

Do you have any guesses on Henry Ruggs Net Worth? 

Henry Ruggs Net Worth

As of this writing, Henry Ruggs Net Worth is reported to be $5 Million at 23. 

It is no shock that Henry Ruggs Net Worth is worth Millions. As mentioned, his primary source of income is football.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth

Ever since Henry was drafted to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, he already had the chance to play for two seasons, and the payments from Las Vegas Raiders made him this massive fortune.

However, because of the accident he met in 2021 that caused a car crash resulting in death, the Raiders released him on 2 November 2021, voiding his contract. According to the agreement, he will get $4.73 million, which will benefit his net worth greatly.


Fans have been buzzing about Henry Ruggs net worth since he made it big on social media. And now, the 23-year-old athlete is worth an estimated $5 million. What do you think of this young player’s success? Let us know in the comments below!

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