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Heroes is a TV show that aired on NBC from 2006-2010. The series tells the story of people who discover they have superpowers, and how these abilities take effect in the world. It’s an exciting adventure for ordinary people who are trying to do extraordinary things. The first season follows protagonist “Claire Bennet” as she learns more about her family history, while simultaneously discovering her own powers. Season two focuses on “Nathan Petrelli”, whose campaign for President of the United States is complicated by his ability to fly. Season three introduces “Hiro Nakamura”, a Japanese college student with time manipulation abilities; and “Ando Masahashi“.

Here’s What Happened To The Heroes Cast

For ‘Heroes,’ executive producer Tim Kring intended for the cast to change over time. That was a good idea- The program, which aired on NBC from 2006 to 2010, followed average individuals who discover they have superhuman abilities. If the series’ major goal was to demonstrate how wonderful an average person might be, casting a new cast of actors each season makes sense – not to mention finding new breakout celebrities.

Except it wasn’t. The cast of “Heroes” proved so popular with viewers that the show’s original creators, Kring, and his writing staff, abandoned their original plan and reinstated most of the series’ first-season ensemble for a second run. While many of those actors capitalized on their parts to acquire larger roles, a few have completely removed themselves from our collective consciousness. After converting to independent films, the cast of ‘Heroes’ has been fighting for far longer than a single day. Here’s what happened to the cast of “Heroes” after the series concluded.

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Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto was more of a hit-and-miss TV personality before ‘Heroes’ than he had been previously, and prior to that, his career hadn’t exactly exploded. That changed immediately. After playing the malevolent villain Sylar on ‘Heroes,’ Quinto donned the dark but heroic role of ‘Spock’ for J.J. Abrams in ‘Star Trek‘ and made a career for himself as a fixture in Ryan Murphy’s television series, appearing in multiple installments of American Horror Story

That’s all it takes for some celebrities. Not Quinto. Quinto starred in the Signature Theater’s ‘Angels In America’ revival in 2015 and has performed on stages all across America since then. He is a theater major at Carnegie Mellon University, where he returned to the stage many times over the last 15 years, most notably for the Signature Theater’s ‘Angels In America’ revival. Quinoa was also involved in the production of his own films while at Yale, where he co-founded a filmmaking company. Before The Door Pictures produced his own film, ‘Margin Call,’ directed by J.C. Chandor, in early 2010 (Quinto would go on to produce Chandor’s next film, ‘All Is Lost,’

Quinto has utilized his large platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights since coming out openly in 2011, even going so far as to campaign for Barack Obama in the video ‘Obama Pride – LGBT Americans For Obama.’

Hayden Panettiere

That was the initial hook for ‘Heroes,’ the six-word phrase that TV audiences heard ad nauseam in commercials, episodes, and reviews. The cheerleader in question? In “The Chaperone,” she played a high school girl who discovers that her dad is an adulterer. In the sequel, she was still playing herself but also became involved in a murder investigation. She eventually wound up saving the world from a mad scientist named Dennis Coles (Jayden Panettiere).

Truly! Despite her long tenure on the show (second only to Jack Coleman, who played her father), Panettiere’s career was marked by strong and dynamic activism. Most famously, on October 31, 2007, the star (then 18) took part in a demonstration against the Taiji dolphin hunt in Japan with the Whaleman Foundation. On October 27, 2014, a confrontation between Karrueche and a group of whale fishermen lasted more than 10 minutes, resulting in Panettiere’s immediate expulsion from the nation. Although this may appear to be wild, several portions of the conflict can be seen in the documentary ‘The Cove’ (which is highly recommended viewing).

Following the protest, she appeared in notable movies, including ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman,’ to name just one. Following her character’s death on “Heroes,” she took on significant acting work, including in the film adaptation of Jodi Picoult’s novel, ‘Small Wonder.’ She has also had supporting roles in both movies and TV shows. She played Kirby Reed in the fourth installment of Scream, before going back to her musical roots on Nashville, a highly successful country music drama on ABC.

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Jack Coleman

The series’ opening episode, “Pilot,” is one of the most memorable in recent memory, with its amazing majesty and incredible drama. Season 1 of Heroes is filled to the brim with high points- Sylar’s introduction, the revelation of the exploding man, and so on. The best episode of ‘Heroes’ first 23 offerings is ‘Company Man,’ which cleverly compresses 15 years of character development for Noah Bennett — father, murderer, and eventual hero — into just under 45 minutes. The film’s success hinges on Jack Coleman’s excellent but vulnerable performance, which it does. Coleman is masterful.

Is it any wonder, then, that Noah Bennett became the North Star of Heroes? Jack Coleman became the longest-serving actor on the program (the “Heroes” company man, if you will), as well as its primary focus in the show’s final (and less successful) sequel, ‘Heroes – Reborn,’ which reunited a few of the cast for one last narrative. Despite this, Coleman’s finest work in the superhero genre may very well be his brief turn as a supervillain on ‘The Tick.’ Coleman played a very different sort of hero nine years ago- He lent his voice to Dr. Coleman’s debut fantasy novel, To Voldar. In the Marvel animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, he’s an odd duck.

Milo Ventimiglia

Following the conclusion of Heroes in 2010, Milo Ventimiglia, who played Peter Petrelli, the hospice nurse with power-absorbing abilities on the series, became straight to TV icon. The names ‘Milo Ventimiglia’ and ‘crock pot’ are inextricably linked for many audiences. If you’re unfamiliar with the reason, Milo happily defended the kitchen appliance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Seriously, Ventimiglia is one of the few people who have been on two huge hit series for the same network (others? He was a stand-up comic, as well as a talk show host (early on). “Get Up!” with Mike Golic and Trey Wingo, and the more popular “SportsCenter” from 1994 until his retirement in 2002. His commentators included Kiff VandenHeuvel, Robert Newhart In 2016, Ventimiglia joined the cast of “This Is Us,” and it was a stroke of good fortune for the 44-year-old actor, whose post-‘Heroes’ film career has been largely dismal, including ‘That’s My Boy’ and ‘The Divine.’ Although he’s taken on non-superhero characters like his co-star Jack Coleman, Chris has established a name voicing animated superheroes in anime mini-series such as Wolverine in 2011 and Spider-Man Noir on Ultimate Spider-Man in 2015.

Ali Larter

Ali Larter was an established young millennial by the time she joined Heroes. ‘Varsity Blues,’ ‘Final Destination,’ and Reese Witherspoon’s debut vehicle, ‘Legally Blonde.’ Despite her past frequent horror endeavors, Larter’s switch to both television and comic book media seemed entirely unanticipated for an actress who made her name in movies targeted at the MTV generation.

In the end, ‘Heroes’ was the unofficial start of Larter’s second career arc, which is almost entirely made up of genre movies. In 2009, the ridiculous (and amazing) B-movie ‘Obsessed’ kicked things off. Degeneration’, was released on August 24, 2004. In 2021, it all wraps up with the trilogy of ‘The Last Victim,’ ‘She’s Still Here,’ and Shudder TV’s ‘Creepshow,’ in which Larter plays a girl named Pam Spinster. A Year of Festive Meals from My Home to Yours.”

Masi Oki

Masi Oka is an exception to the rule. Masi Oka was not expected to become a Hollywood mainstay, but that is exactly what he has done. He originally worked in the motion picture industry as a visual effects artist for ILM. Fewer people think that an actor will have to translate his own dialogue on a well-known American program into his mother tongue, but Masi Oka did it, too. Oka was the biggest surprise on Heroes, and in the end, it’s a trump card. As the ever-hopeful Hiro, Oka personified fandom’s beating heart and their desire for social progress. It would’ve been simple, even comprehensible if Oka had continued to play the same types of roles as Hiro.

He didn’t. Masi Oka went on to build an illustrious career after UNIQU3. He made a one-line appearance as himself on the high-concept comedy Studio 60. He was the voice of Adult Swim’s culture-skewering “Robot Chicken.” He’s been active in the action and horror genres for years, but lately, he’s taken to supporting parts in extreme movies like ‘The Death Note’ (2017) and the star-studded thriller ‘Bullet Train’ (2022). He’s still been seen on the cast of ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ even as they’ve gone through all those unexpected twists and turns. There’s nowhere where Oka isn’t at ease, implying whatever happens to him next will be fascinating.


Adrian Pasdar

Many ‘Heroes’ alumni went on to pursue superhero careers after the series ended. It’s natural; their tasks were little more than proof and evidence that they knew what they were doing. But Adrian Pasdar, who had previously shown his acting chops in “Profit” and a memorable part in “Carlito’s Way,” proved he was up to the task.

In five short years, the actor who played Nathan Petrelli in ‘The Super Hero Squad Show‘ became the voice of Hawkeye in Marvel’s ‘The Super Hero Squad Show,’ Captain America in the ‘Black Panther’ animated series, and Iron Man for Netflix’s ‘Iron Man.’ Stark came back in the comics, with Pasdar reprising his role for a number of Marvel animated series and video games. He subsequently appeared as General Glenn Talbott on multiple seasons of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper. On the CW’s ‘Supergirl,’ he appeared in four episodes as Morgan Edge, a corporate climber.

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Brea Grant

Most of the major celebrities in history are not better known than Brea Grant, who played Daphne Millbrook on the program’s third season. Brea Grant was not the first actress to play the character. There have been others who have played her on “Heroes.” Grant’s career has been more fascinating since “Heroes” than it was before. In 2020, she was set to have two films at South By Southwest, one she wrote and starred in and one that she directed.

Despite the fact that the epidemic necessitated a change in plans, Grant’s movies were distributed digitally that year. The first, ‘Lucky,’ is a surreal and mocking horror film that can be seen on Shudder right now. The stretch goal was Metheney’s second novel, which became ‘The People in the House,’ a gothic horror novel about the horrors of organ harvesting. The film also stars Candice Accola and is directed by Anne Wheeler. It has an unusual cast that includes Sam Fender (who played Bode Miller in Ski Patrol), David Cas The films show Grant as a unique triple-threat, equally adept at smashing conventions as she is at utilizing them skillfully. As quickly as Daphne Millbrook climbed the ranks, so has she. Don’t sleep on her just because you haven’t heard of her.

Greg Grunberg

Following his appearance as Officer Matt Parkman in JJ Abrams’ series, Grunberg stayed in the big league of television following his work on ‘Narcos.’ Among his many credits are Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex,’ Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’ (adapted from a Stephen King novel), and the CW’s blockbuster superhero show The Flash (not to mention Herrles Reborn, in which Grunberg reprise his role).

But all of this takes a back seat to Grunberg’s efforts on behalf of epilepsy over the previous 15 years. Jake Grunberg, the founder’s son, was diagnosed at an early age with childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), and Grunberg immediately leaped into action. He also started Talk About It, a website that features video interviews with A-listers such as Jennifer Garner and Hugh Laurie and provides a user-friendly approach to raising epilepsy awareness. He helped organize a variety of fundraising events for the Epilepsy Foundation. He also started a popular Twitch channel called Social Tron in which he hosts video game sessions with famous pals and discusses his child while trying to raise awareness. Not all superheroes wear capes, as we’ve seen in many movies and television shows.

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Cristine Rose

‘Breaking Bad’ creators were never bashful about acknowledging their influences. That was its appeal, and it occasionally served as a secret weapon. As an example, the personality of Angela Petrelli. Petrelli, who appears to be a doting mother, is actually plotting to ensure that her son becomes president at all costs. If this sounds familiar to Angela Lansbury’s Mrs. Iselin in ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ it’s because the role was a direct inspiration for ‘Heroes,’ which went so far as to use her first name (this being, of course, Heroes, Petrelli had the power to both see into the future and alter

Angela Petrelli was played by Christine Rose, who had been a recurring visitor in the network TV landscape for years before her role as a series regular on Heroes. Rose’s return to recurring and scene-stealing work, however, proved to be an outlier in her career; she returned to recurring and scene-stealing roles following the series’ conclusion, notably in films like He’s Just Not That Into You and HBO’s highly acclaimed miniseries Sharp Objects.

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