High School DxD Is A Popular Anime Series. A Step-by-Step Guide To Ordering A Watch

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This article will teach you how to watch the anime series “High School DxD” with ease. You’ll be able to find all of your favorite episodes and learn about new ones that are coming out soon!

High School DxD is a fantastic ecchi series. The film has a main lead that is both relatable and appealing, as well as fascinating and multi-dimensional females.

The ladies of the series do more than simply look attractive. The girls serve important functions other than eye candy, which is something that most fantasy harem anime don’t do.

There are four seasons, three OVAs, and three specials in High School DxD.

High School DxD is fantastic, but it isn’t for everyone (especially children). It is packed with raunchy jokes and dirty innuendoes.

Because the narrative is very focused on youthful lady imagery and fan service, it may not be appropriate for everyone.

High School DxD is the anime for you if you enjoy fantasy harems packed with action!

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Release Order

I. TV Series

  • High School DxD (2012)
  • High School DxD New (2013)
  • The Third ExcellenRs (2015)
  • The New Year’s Knight (2018)


  • The High School DxD OVA (2012)
  • High School DxD Season 2 New Oppai, Tsutsumimasu! (2015)
  • The battle between the Devils of Abaddon and the Angels begins!

III. Specials

  • High School DxD Specials (2012)
  • The High School DxD BorN Specials (2015)
  • The High School DxD Hero Taiikukan-ura no Holy (2018)

Where To Watch

Chronological Order

  • High School DxD
  • High School DxD OVA
  • High School DxD New
  • Oppai, Tsutsumimasu! High School DxD New- Oppai, Tsutsumimasu!
  • High School DxD BorN
  • Over The Holiday Weekend, Southern California Could Experience Its Most Dangerous Fire Weather YetHigh School DxD BorN – When the World Met Fire
  • High School DxD Hero Taiikukan-ura Holy Site
  • High School DxD Hero


The chronological order in which to watch High School DxD is advised.

Side stories are superfluous tales that may be skipped.

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How Long Will It Take You To Watch?

All seven High School DxD series will take you a combined 21 hours and 40 minutes to consume.

This includes all of the TV series, OVAs, and specials.

If you start at the beginning and work your way through, you can finish the series in 16 hours and 10 minutes.

Here’s a quick list of each chapter and its runtime in order of release, for your convenience.

  • Undertale – Undertale is a role-playing game developed by Toby Fox and published on comedy, platformer, action.
  • High School DxD Specials – 24 minutes
  • 46 minutes of High School DxD OVA
  • High School DxD New is available for purchase.
  • High School DxD New – Oppai, Tsutsumimasu! – 24 Minutes
  • It’s the sequel to High School DxD Season 1, which is based on the light novel series of the same name. The action kicks off in 12th grade with Issei Hyodo and his childhood friends after they finish enrolling into Kuoh Academy. -> It’s the third season of High School DxD, which ran for 288
  • 18 Minutes of High School DxD BORN Specials
  • Yomigaeranai Fushichou – 24 minutes
  • Hero (High School DxD) – Taiikukan-ura no Holy – 24 minutes
  • 276 minutes in High School DxD Hero

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Quick Review


The next High School tale isn’t particularly unique. A typical high school student is murdered and reborn in another world, where he may fulfill his fantasy of having a harem. Every program contains mature images and adult humor.

However, there is a consistent narrative that grows in significance with each season. The anime improves considerably since the timing of the jokes is more significant, and it becomes a lot more impactful.

II. Characters

The characters are memorable, unusual, and amusing. The mc is easy to relate to in terms of his feelings and balances his humorous and serious sides.

The female characters have a lot of depth to them. They’re brave, vulnerable, and sometimes goofy, making them quite endearing.

III. Animation

High School DxD boasts excellent animation. Despite the fact that the designs are at odds with both biology and physics, they’re gorgeous to look at and packed with fan service.

The action is nicely done and well-detailed, with vivid, highly saturated colors.

IV. Sound

The score in High School DxD was delayed owing to the excessive eye candy and isn’t distinctive.

The music throughout the action sequences is the only time when the soundtrack has a deeper meaning and uses strong chords to express the intensity of the situation.

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About High School DxD

High School DxD is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero.

The plot follows Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student from Kuoh Academy.

He wants to be a harem ruler, but on his first date, he is slain by Rias Gremory, who revives him as a devil to serve her and the other devil clan.

In the July 2010 issue of Dragon Magazine, a manga adaptation by Hiroji Mishima began. A television series produced by TNK aired from January 6, 2012, onwards.

Since its inception, this business has received a tremendous amount of support from its followers. The fourth season aired successfully following four successful seasons.

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