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We will discuss in this article which is the top listed anime boy that will surely make you fall in love. The world of Japanese animation has been around for decades. Its industry is rooted in Japan; if you visit this country, you will see many stores, including rare magazines, toys, cutest things, and many more.

Becoming an avid fan will expose you to hundreds of anime show references and jokes. Some terms might find others to be strange. However, the anime industry intends for Japanese culture, just like the big eyes we always see in them, it shows as multifaceted “windows to the soul.”

Much of these genres are aimed at children and teens, but since technology and creativity took place, it is intended for everyone, too. In addition, anime has enormously impacted its fans, influenced by modern cartoons in different countries, with different cultures and beliefs. Today, we will be talking about the famous anime characters girls adore.

Who is the cutest anime boy

Lag Seeing is on the top list. This guy almost steals every girl’s heart with his extreme cuteness. We can see him in the series The Tegami Bachi as one of the main protagonists. You will surely be amazed at how his left eye has a purple iris. While the other has a red-amber colour that envelopes a spiritual insect.

Lag Seeing Anime Boy

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His personality is unique, which suits his physical appearance. His left eye is hidden behind his hair which adds more cuteness. Suppose you will ask what anime he is, a Letter Bee. He wears his hair over an eye patch to hide his red-amber eye. The Spirit Insect was implanted during his time of birth.

How do you become an anime boy?

Becoming an anime boy is easy, with collecting various magazines, spending the night finishing your favourite series, and many more. Mostly, becoming this one is just putting some makeup into your face to create that effect similar to your anime boy. Also, wearing different costumes will complete the look. Just a disclaimer, different looks with different styles are acceptable, as long as you are happy with it and enjoy it.

Levi Ackerman will be the one to captivate your feelings. Captain Levi in the Survey Corps came from Attack on Titan. He was known to be the strongest soldier alive. He is efficient and skilled. His character made him famous, as all the fans admire the show. He also exhibits a significant role in which he portrays different emotions.

Anime Boy

Who is the hottest anime boy?

Yuuri Katsuki is your typical high school crush; he has messy black hair and deep brown eyes. Although fans want to know if he is a natural person, his coach Victor is based on a real-life Russian figure skater in Yuri On Ice. He wears glasses, but he removes them whenever he is skating, making him hot.

Anime Boy

He loves binge eating, which is why Yuuri always wears layers of clothing to hide his weight. Despite that, he has very handsome features, and he is also known to be the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart. If he exists in real life, many girls will dare to meet him in person desperately.

Who is your favourite anime boy? Is your favourite anime included in the list? Let us know!

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