How much is Zendaya net worth in 2022? Income, Career, Bio

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How Much Is Zendaya Net Worth In 2022?  Income, Career, Bio

As one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to the 2022 annual list, Zendaya is one of a kind, worth literally millions and millions of dollars. In September 2020, she caught the eye of billions of eyeballs after making history as the youngest person to ever win an Emmy Award, including Best Actress in a Drama Series. Well, the nominated film is of course the fan favorite, Euphoria.

To be honest, nothing in the world would be enough to honor such an incredible talent as Zendaya, who is one of the most impressive 25-year-olds in the world today. It’s not a hunch, but she literally has a lot more to explore and even more to dress under her belt.

Zendaya Biography

Born Zendaya Maree Stoermer on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, to parents Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, Zendaya is half African American and half Scottish. She is not the only descendant of her family, as the saga has five siblings, each older than her.

She attended Fruitvale Elementary School, where her mother had nearly 20 years of experience as a teacher. As a child, Zendaya helped her mother manage the nearby Shakespeare Theater, planting the seeds of acting in her.

She was only 8 years old when she joined a hip-hop band and she performed in the same band until she was 11. She went on to dance the hula for another 2 years. Later during her school days, Zendaya was known in all the nearby theaters for her unparalleled acting, which she showed by playing a whole range of roles in the many theaters. At the age of 13 she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Zendaya then graduated in 2015 without leaving her strong hold on her passion.

Zendaya net worth

The singer-slash actor-slash designer, Zendaya has a net worth of $15 million as of 2022. The net worth estimate also included all of her property and assets, which may itself be a subject of debate.

Zendaya Properties

There’s nothing to brag about as the wealthy have already bought a home in Brooklyn’s Quay Tower for about $5 million in 2021. The lavish property is so gorgeous with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms coupled with its own elevator and entrance. Rich always gets richer when Zendaya, whose net worth is already $15 million, increased her income by renting the property in Brooklyn for $16,000 a month.

The house, where Zendaya currently resides, is nothing short of as she chose a $4 million secluded home in Los Angeles, which is huge on a 4-acre property with 5,000 square feet of living space. The mansion was originally built in 1939 and will cost much more than its original price.

Aside from these, Zendaya has a collection of luxury cars, including a $50,000 Lexus Gs, a Cadillac Escalade, a Lexus RC, a Mercedes E-Class, and a Range Rover Vogue, which cost a fortune alone. It is estimated that the total cost of her cars would be about $350,000.

Zendaya Salary / Income

Sensational actress Zendaya earns about $220k a month which equates to $2.5 million a year. The calculation is a rough estimate of Zendaya’s pre-tax income.

At the time of Euphoria, Zendaya would have demanded a higher amount, making her the highest paid cast of Euphoria, paying $50,000 per episode.

For Dune part 1, she received $30,000 and is also expected to increase her demand before Dune 2.

Zendaya made millions and millions from Spiderman alone, and she got $400,000 a season from KC undercover.

Zendaya career

Anyone familiar with Zendaya would mistakenly believe her career started with her groundbreaking role as Rocky Blue alongside Bella Thorne in Disney Channel’s Shake it up sitcom which aired in 2010. But the reality is something different. Zendaya started her career as a child artist and backing dancer years before her breakthrough at Disney. In other words, Zendaya was a backup dancer in a Sear commercial, which featured Selena Gomez.

Her popularity skyrocketed when she appeared on the dancing reality show titled Dancing With The Stars in 2013. Right after her dance debut on stage, Zendaya completely shifted her career by producing the KC undercover, in which she starred herself.

In 2011, Zendaya started to jump to the Billboard Hot 100 when she released a single, Watch Me and 2 years later she released another self-titled album, Something New. In addition to her albums, she has sung for a Euphoria soundtrack, “All For Us”.

The unparalleled role of Marvel’s Spiderman Homecoming, 2017, should not be forgotten if we mention Zendaya. Euphoria also earned her Primetime Emmy Award, a milestone in her perennial career. In 2021 Zendaya starred in the hit Dune’. However, she only became known as a singer after her collaboration with Zac.

One of the interesting facts about Zendaya is that she voiced the epic cartoon character Lola Bunny from Span Jam: A New Legacy, for which she was highly regarded.

To be precise, her career milestones are incalculable, as she has achieved much more than expected in a short period of time. Zendaya spoke about her interest in real estate in an exclusive interview with British Vogue, where she highlighted her dedication to saving, which is one reason for her growth in real estate.

Zendaya was featured in the Dolce & Gabbana campaign and is also the face of Lancome Fragrance. Before the[previousWithGalawerdzedressedupbyVersaceenTommyHilfigerHernameatthebrandsglittersevenbettersinceseaanathleisurebrandlaunchedDayabyZendaya[previousWithGalashewasdolledupbyVersaceandTommyHilfigerHernamewiththebrandsshinesevenbettereversindeanathceshelauncheded[vorigeMetGalawerdzeopgedoftdoorVersaceenTommyHilfigerHaarnaambijdemerkenschittertnogbetersindszeeenathleisure-merklanceerdeDayabyZendaya[previousMetGalashewasdolledupbyVersaceandTommyHilfigerHernamewiththebrandsshinesevenbettereversinceshelaunchedanathleisurebrandDayabyZendaya

In 2019, Zendaya formed a fashion alliance with fashion moguls Tommy Hilfiger and her regular stylist Law Roach.

How much does Zendaya weigh?

As of 2022, Zendaya will weigh about 130 pounds or in other words 59 kg.

What is Zendaya’s height?

Zendaya is 1.78 m tall, or she is 5 feet 10 inches.

Zendaya’s relationship status

Disappointing all her devotees, Zendaya is currently devoted to her Spiderman co-star Tom Holland since 2017. She has dated some big names including Trever Jackson, Jacob Ellordi and Beckham Junior, and Jacob Ellordi.

Zendaya and real estate

For a wealthy person like her, buying and selling mansions would be like twiddling thumbs. In 2017, Zendaya spent $1.4 million on a house in Northridge. Later in 2020, she entered into a deal for a posh place in Encino, worth $4 million.


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