How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia? Character Profile

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Fans have been asking How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia, and we will answer it for you. 

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series among fans, and it stands out among the rest because the characters in the series do not seemingly age. Or only we thought so?

Although Deku is younger during certain parts of the show, he is 14 years old in the first season. At the end of the fifth season, Deku is 16 years old.

Continue reading to know how Deku ages throughout the series. 

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia: Season One

How Old Is Deku In My Hero Academia

During the first season of My Hero Academia, the characters were introduced to the hero world. This is where we get to mee Izuku Midoriya, famously known as Deku.

By the time he was introduced to the hero world, the viewers were unsure of age as the show did not mention it directly, but we could conclude that Deku is on the younger side. 

As the series moves forward, we learn that Deku is 14 years of age when he receives his quirk. 

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia: Season Two

In Season Two, the show picks up where the finale of Season one ended. 

All main characters aim to win the tournament, which could allow them to showcase their skill to Pro Heroes, which may want to hire them someday.

We know for a fact that there is a year-long time skip before this event. Thus, we can assume that Deku would surely be 15 years old at that point.

This means that Deku is starting the second season almost a year older. 

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How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia: Season Three

In the third season of My Hero Academia, the Forest Training Camp Arc starts, which follows the second season’s events directly.

Class 1 – A and 1 – B are finally done with a school year and can take a field trip. The two classes continue with their training, and the Pro Heroes help them push their quirks further. 

How Old Is Deku In My Hero Academia

Season Three happens shortly after the school year ends, and we know for a fact that Deku’s birthday is on July 15. He would be 16 years old at the first arc of series three by then. 

In the finale of Season Three, the story continues where Deku and his friends get their Hero License, allowing them to legally engage in fights with Villians. By that time, Deku was still 16 years old since that is what was written down in his Hero License. 

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia: Season Four

Season Four picks up where the third season ended, to be exact. It started in the second half of the arc that ended last season. 

Here we also see Deku’s first actual mission, where he has to save a little girl whose blood is being used to create a drug that neutralizes quirks. 

At the beginning of the series, Deku is still 16 years old since there is no time jump from Season Three to Season Four, which means he could not have grown any older. 

This season, the story slows down in the middle, with two arcs focusing on other less essential things.

Thus, at the end of this season, we can assume that Deku is still 16 years old because of the slow pace of time. 

How Old is Deku in My Hero Academia: Season Five

In the last season of My Hero Academia, Deku is still 16 years old and does not get any older by the season ends. 

During this time, the storyline does not skip a time, when the entire arc is set up. 

So, as of this writing, we can assume that Deku in My Hero Academia is currently 16 years of age. 

Need to catch up on the series? Check out Season 5’s Official Trailer and get a glimpse of 16-year-old Deku.

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