I Am Legend 2 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed? Latest Update

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I Am Legend 2: After 15 years, Warner Bros. is releasing I Am Legend 2, a sequel to the 2007 sci-fi/horror sensation. “I Am Legend,” a critically praised and economically successful film directed by Francis Lawrence, starring Will Smith.

I Am Legend was based on the late Richard Matheson’s iconic novel of the same name, and it was the third adaptation of the novel. However, many fans of the novel believe that none of them have gotten it right.

What is I Am Legend All About?

I Am Legend chronicles the story of Neville, the last person on Earth after a virus created by humans kills everyone else. When Neville’s cure is ready and dispersed, the sequel could begin. It’s unknown if Neville, who died at the end of the film to save the new medicine, will live to see it.

I Am Legend 2

It would be intriguing to see a split between the Darkseekers and those cured or aren’t infected. This raises ethical questions about humanity and how we decide what needs to be fixed. 

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What if some of the sick refuse to receive treatment? Is it possible they’ve established their own culture and way of surviving that they’re happy with? Who else has the power to instruct others on living their lives?

But how fair is it to abandon them if their way of life causes harm to others? These are all characteristics that may make for an intriguing sequel because they touch on some of the film’s more philosophical concerns.

I Am Legend 2 Plot

The million-dollar question surrounding I Am Legend 2 is how Will Smith’s reappearance as Neville will be explained in the sequel. Neville sacrificed his life at the end of I Am Legend to ensure that Anna and Ethan would be able to depart his house with a cure for the Darkseeker virus. 

One unusual way I Am Legend 2 could retcon Neville’s death is to declare the well-known alternate ending of I Am Legend, in which Neville survives and leaves with Anna and Ethan, canon. 

It’s also likely that this new film may be a cross between a sequel and a prequel, with Smith’s Neville only appearing in flashbacks and Jordan’s character appearing in the present. 

Aside from Smith, the sequel will have to address whether or not the Darkseeker virus cure was successful and, if so, whether or not human society has regained supremacy in the last 15 years.

I Am Legend 2

I Am Legend 2 Cast

As stated in the initial lines of this article, in addition to Michael B. Jordan, Will Smith is reported to be in the picture, which is the root of the outrage. 

Apart from that, the addition of these two Hollywood heavy hitters is a compelling idea, given that one is unquestionably one of the greatest actors of all time. At the same time, the other is a rising star who can hold his own. Apart from these two, I Am Legend’s whole cast is expected to return:

  • Alice Braga
  • Charlie Tahan
  • Emma Thompson
  • Salli Richardson
  • Willow Smith
  • Darrel Foster

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2

The sequel, I Am Legend 2, was announced on March 4th, and it is expected to be released in late 2022, if not early-mid 2023, with pre-production beginning soon. 

The imminent release of Creed III, which stars Michael B. Jordan, who also appears in I Am Legend 2, is one explanation for the ambiguity. It will be released on November 23rd of this year, and we may hear more about I Am Legend 2 soon after.

Another reason is that Will Smith’s portrayal in King Richard, a film about the Williams sisters, who dominated women’s tennis, has been nominated for numerous awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor at the Academy Awards. The film’s pre-production and its release and trailers will take some time due to his devotion to the awards campaign.

I Am Legend 2 Trailer

We are unlikely to see a teaser for the picture for at least another 7-8 months, as previously said, given the sequel’s recent announcement and the other projects in which the stars are involved.

For now, the best we can do is read the original novel, scour the internet for reposts and rumors about the production process, and continuously discuss what may happen in the sequel with our friends and coworkers.

Given that the development of a film can take up to seven months, we might anticipate seeing the first trailer in September. The picture will be released in March or April of 2023, followed by another in November or December.

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