In a recent article, NPR revealed that the Tiny Desk teaser featuring Drake and 21 Savage is fake.

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Drake and 21 Savage’s new collaboration album, “Her Loss,” is scheduled to drop on Nov. 4, and the phenomenal duo have added even more hype for the forthcoming project by teasing a Tiny Desk concert, which is dubbed as a “spoof” by NPR, the outlet that produces the TD.

Drake and 21 Savage’s Tiny Desk Teaser Is Fake

In A Recent Article, Npr Revealed That The Tiny Desk Teaser Featuring Drake And 21 Savage Is Fake.

On Wednesday, Drake and 21 Savage released a teaser video with a Tiny Desk concert. It was posted on their Instagram and the caption further professed it was a Tiny Desk concert The clip features the two big artists sitting over what appears to be the Tiny Desk studio. It raises the curtain with an audience intro.

With a funky bass riff playing in the background, Drake said, “What’s up everyone? I appreciate you joining us today. All of the audience and everybody, feel at home.’ After the introduction part, both Drake and 21 Savage said a ‘hello’ and Drake continued, “This is our Tiny Desk.”

For those who are unaware, Tiny Desk is a Youtube series, exclusively from NPR, where with a live band, artists perform in something that appears to be a small setting. While many fans were fascinated when they initially heard about Drake and 21 Savage participating in the Tiny Desk, they must have not thought that it could be a fake.

Following the debut, NPR’s official Twitter account confirmed the teaser was not shot at an actual Tiny Desk concert, implying that it was a spoof. With the revelation, NPR also wrote, “Let’s do it for real tho.”

Sarcastically, NPR added a smirking smiling face with a clapping hands emoji.

In A Recent Article, Npr Revealed That The Tiny Desk Teaser Featuring Drake And 21 Savage Is Fake.

Prior to NPR’s announcement, many noticed a mismatched TD setup, a wrong company logo, and the camera was off as well. It left the fans wondering if the teaser released by the musicians were real or fake. It is, however, not a surprise, as the artists- Drake and 21 Savage are already notorious for pulling stunts to promote their albums.

Very recently, the duo duped their fans and followers by uploading a Vogue cover, featuring themselves. It was later disclosed it was a photoshopped version of Vogue’s last month’s issue and not an authentic piece. And now, the fans cannot be blamed if they speculate something wrong with the teaser. However, a major part of their fans was not ready to believe they played with them, and in fact, some are even asking if the Tiny Desk concert was happening or not.

One of the fans, who blindly believed in what Drake announced, said the Tiny Desk concert was happening and they were “hyped.”

Meanwhile, another one opposed the aforesaid opinion and stated the released item was just a parody like the previous Vogue magazine cover as well as Drake’s unexpected appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

Lately, Drake shared an Instagram video with 21 Savage on the Howard Stern Show. It was edited in such a way that it seemed quite believable with a caption that read, “Absolutely no filter with the incomparable, The Howard Stern Show…thanks for having us.”

In the clip, Drake was seen sharing personal matters like his preference in women as well as his take on marriage.

Drake is not new to collaboration schemes. He has previously joined Future on the album titled, “What A Time To Be Alive.” What’s more, even he has an impressive backstory with 21 Savage in making incredible music together. They have collaborated for numerous singles including Knife Talk and Sneaking. When they initially lent out their hands for collaboration, both Drake and 21 Savage were at pivotal points in their careers.

As for 21 Savage, he came into the limelight in the Atlanta underground for the mixtape The Slaughter Tape in 2015, and shortly after, he gained nationwide attention following the Metro Boomin collaboration.

Currently, the two are gearing up for the most anticipated release of 2022. In 21 Savage’s single “Jimmy Crooks,” they revealed the upcoming collaboration, announcing an initial release date of October 28. however, the release had to be postponed as the album producer Noah tested positive for COVID-19, which ultimately delayed its production. Subsequently, a new date was announced which is tomorrow, Nov. 4. Apparently, the album might focus more on Drake’s lovelorn wheelhouse than that of 21 Savage’s menace.

Recently, 21 stated that even if he wasn’t a rapper, he would still listen to Drake’s music and dubbed themselves as the modern “Kobe-Shaq” pairing.

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