In the Dark Season 4: Is the show Renewed or Cancelled?

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Is the show In the Dark Season 4 confirmed to renew?

Yes! In the Dark is confirmed to be renewed for another season. As the third season ended last November 2020, they had immediately announced its renewal for another installment on February 3, 2021.

That only means we are getting more dark crime drama and comedy focused on the blind, alcoholic, emotionally immature protagonist named Murphy and her gang. Are you excited?

Find out everything you need to know here. 

What is In The Dark All About? – Storyline 

In The Dark Season 4 Confirmed To Air

In the Dark is an American drama television series that Corinne Kingsbury created for The CW.

It debuted as a midseason entry during the 2018–19 television season on April 4, 2019. It premiered on April 16, 2020, and the third season on June 23. 

Last year, February 2021, In the Dark Season 4 was confirmed.

It follows the story of an irreverent blind woman in her twenties who drifts through life in a drunken haze. Murphy, the protagonist, has only two friends—Jess, her understanding roommate, and Tyson, a teenage drug dealer who saved her from a violent mugging.

Out for a walk with her guide dog, she stumbles upon a corpse that must be Tyson’s, but it disappears before the police arrive. When they do not seem inclined to investigate, Murphy clings to the only thing that can keep her together: figuring out what happened to her friend. She resolves to solve the murder herself while managing her colorful dating life and the job she hates.

In the Dark Season 4: Official Release Date

Although the series has been announced for another season, The CW has not yet updated us on when In the Dark Season 4 will officially premiere. 

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Looking back at the past three seasons, they had debuted about a year apart, each with 13 episodes.

If the show stays on schedule and the COVID-19 causes no delay, we might be able to see it by spring or early summer 2022. It might also be on Netflix after the complete broadcast of the television show. 

But don’t worry, this only means you can re-watch and catch up on the past three seasons for a recap on Netflix. 

In the Dark Season 4: Expected Plot

What will happen In the Dark Season 4?

We do not have an official plot for the show’s fourth installment yet, but we are, of course, expecting that the new season will follow the finale of Season 3. 

If you have seen the third season, it ended on a cliffhanger which is why fans have been waiting for the fourth season to come out. Spoiler Alert! 

The viewers are curious about what happened to Murphy, Jessy, and many of the show characters whose relationships were not stable. 

Although Murphy may have made that choice already, of fixing herself and accounting for her wrongdoings – she turned herself in.

Questions like “Could she be spending permanent time behind bars for her actions?” or “Given the chaotic circumstances surrounding her lately, including corruption, would the charges be able to stick?” have been lingering in the minds of fans for quite some time. We hope to get some answers as soon as In the Dark Season 4 air. 

In the Dark Season 4: Cast 

In The Dark Season 4 Confirmed To Air

Who will be back to join the cast of In the Dark Season 4?

The original cast is more likely to return for season four; among them are: 

  • Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason
  • Brooke Markham as Jess Damon
  • Casey Deidrick as Max Parish
  • Keston John as Darnell James
  • Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell
  • Kathleen York as Joy Mason
  • Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace
  • Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens

Keep posted as we post more updates if there are new announcements regarding the release date and trailer!

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