In the Michigan School Shooting, a Lawyer Claims That the Artist Did Not Know That the Suspect’s Parents Had Stayed In the Studio

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Police found the parents of an Oxford High School student charged with murder in a Detroit-area artist’s studio on Sunday, and the artist’s attorney said on Sunday that he is cooperating with authorities.

Nessel said her office could conduct an independent investigation into the events leading up to the shooting, which claimed the lives of four students and wounded six others, as well as a teacher.

An adult has been charged with murder, terrorism, and other crimes against Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old. Involuntary manslaughter charges have been filed against James and Jennifer Crumbley, their son’s parents. On Saturday, they were ordered to post a $1 million bond and entered not guilty pleas.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the Crumbleys were discovered inside a Detroit office building. Their lawyers have stated that they have no intention of evading the law. When the couple visited the building’s artist Andrzej Sikora’s studio on Friday morning, he was unaware of the charges against them or that they had stayed after he left, according to attorney Clarence Dass.

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In an interview, Dass said that Sikora, 65, had a “friendly relationship” with the Crumbleys, but he refused to give any further details. He says Sikora contacted the authorities who had been searching for the Crumbleys since Friday when he awoke on Saturday to hear that they had been taken into custody.

Crumbley’s sought his protection in the midst of a commotion. Dass said he was unaware of the charges. It was during the day that they were there. In the early hours of the morning, he departed. Even though they were still around, he had no idea.

A person who assisted the Crumbleys in entering the building, according to Detroit police, may face charges. On Sunday, police in Detroit was unable to provide additional information.

Michael McCabe, the Oakland County undersheriff, confirmed that authorities would interview Sikora, whose murals can be found throughout the Detroit area.

Earlier, Tim Throne, superintendent of Oxford Community Schools, said it was “critically important to the victims, our staff, and our entire community that a full and transparent accounting be made” of the events leading up to the shooting.

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Karen McDonald, the prosecutor for Oakland County, has observed numerous warning signs in Ethan Crumbley.

On Monday, a teacher noticed him searching for ammunition on his phone and alerted school administrators. Teachers found a note on Ethan’s desk on Tuesday and photographed it. “The thoughts won’t stop.” was depicted as a gun pointing at the words. McDonald asked for assistance. “Blood everywhere” was written above a drawing of a bullet. A bleeding man was sandwiched between the gun and the bullet, and he appeared to have been shot twice. My life is pointless, and the world is doomed.

Parents and children of Ethan Crumbley met with school officials on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Ethan went back to school with his backpack, where investigators believe he kept a gun after his parents had left. Michael Bouchard, the county sheriff, said he wished authorities had been notified.

It was 1 p.m. when gunfire, chaos, and bloodshed broke out at the school.

On Black Friday, James Crumbley purchased a 9mm semiautomatic pistol for his son as an early Christmas present, according to authorities.

In The Michigan School Shooting, A Lawyer Claims That The Artist Did Not Know That The Suspect’s Parents Had Stayed In The Studio

“The sheriff’s office should have received that information from the school.” According to Robert Jordan, founder and director of St. Louis-based Protecting Our Students, this could have been avoided. “Those errors led to the death of many people.”

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When it comes to gun violence prevention, Christopher Smith, a law professor at Michigan State University, says that looking at it afterwards raises a number of questions.

Consider whether the “teacher and school officials specifically have in their training that you need to report all these things,” he said, and whether they are aware of this.

It was revealed on Thursday that “no discipline” was necessary following the meeting between Throne and Crumbley’s parents.

When asked about the student’s claim, Throne said that the drawing was part of a video game he was working on and that he intended to pursue video game design as a career. During his parents’ absence, he worked on his assignments while being observed by his school counsellors.

“At no time did counsellors believe that the student might harm others based on his behaviour, responses, and demeanour, which appeared calm,” Throne stated.

While both of his parents were present, counsellors asked specific probing questions about the potential for self-harm and harm to others, Throne said, adding counselling was recommended and his parents were given 48 hours to seek it.

They refused to take their son home for the day when asked and instead returned to work without him.

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A “sent home to an empty house” was not an option for this pupil, as the teacher claimed the student had no prior disciplinary infractions.

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