Indigo Wilder: Latest Celebrity Update 2022

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Do you know who Indigo Wilder is?

Indigo Wilder is Morgan Wallen’s son with ex-fiancee Katie Smith. Morgan and Katie have been dating since 2017 and got engaged at one point. They ended their relationship in November 2019.

When did they have Indigo Wilder? How old is Indigo Wilder? When is Indigo Wilder’s birthday? Know all details here!

Indigo Wilder’s Profile: Who is he? 

Indigo Wilder: Morgan'S Son

Indigo Wilder is the son of actor Morgan Wallen and Katie Smith. 

He was born on July 10, 2020, months after his parents broke up. The birth of Indigo Wallen was announced through Instagram. His mom, Katie, captioned in her Instagram post, “Yesterday was nothing short of a perfect pleasure. Indie Wilder, you are an infinite answer to Mama’s prayers and the loveliest tiny human hunk I’ve ever seen.” How sweet!

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Of course, Indigo Wilder’s father had something to share with his fans as well. He posted a similar photo and captioned the Instagram post by remarking on the most challenging year. Yet, being Indigo’s father altered that feeling and that it was the “coolest dang feeling.”

As of this writing, Indigo Wilder is a year old. 

Indigo Wilder’s Profile: Who are his parents?

Indigo Wilder’s parents are Morgan Wallen and Katie Smith. 

Morgan Wallen 

Morgan Wallen is an American country music singer and songwriter. He became known in the limelight when he competed in the sixth season of The Voice, initially as a member of Usher’s team but later as a member of Adam Levine’s team. 

Wallen is continuously rising in his industry as he becomes engaged with music. 

He recently opened up how he wants to be someone who Indigo Wilder, his son, can be proud of. When talking about his chart-topping hit song “Sand in My Boots,” he became emotional talking about fatherhood. 

He mentioned in an interview, “I’ve got a son, who I want to be a good role model for, most importantly. I was lucky enough to have a great dad who I got to look up to growing up and a great mom.”

Wallen added, “So, I want to make sure that I follow in those footsteps and be someone that he can be proud of. I think I’m trying to continue to be better every day and not let everything that I hear get in the way of that.”

Katie Smith 

Katie was the fiancee of country star Morgan Wallen and mother of Indigo Wilder. 

She was first spotted with Morgan back in 2017 at the CMT Awards. However, both were reported to have broken up in November 2019.

Later on, Morgan released his song Chasin You, which fans speculate is their relationship. 

Indigo Wilder’s Co-Parenting 

Indigo Wilder Is Morgan Wallen'S Son

Since Indigo Wilder’s parents have broken up as partners, we assume they have made amends to how they would co-parent Indigo. 

Wallen had made sure that we knew how he wanted to be the best father for Wilder. According to reports, they share custody of the child even if they are not married.

Although he had mentioned that co-parenting was not how he pictured the life, he would have in raising a child. Morgan made sure in a post that he wanted to be the co-parent his ex-fiancee, Smith, deserved.

He would see Wilder as many times as he could, as long as Kati allowed it. He disclosed in a Radio interview how fun the father experience is. 

Wallen has been relying on his parents to help him deal with the responsibilities of being a father because he is new to the situation. 

However, as every relationship has every hiccup, Wilder was once seen partying without masks, which led Smith from forbidding him to see Wilder without being tested for COVID-19 for the safety of Indigo Wilder. 

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