Paramount+ Ink Master Season 14: Release Date and More Updates

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Ink Master has TV audiences hooked since its release. The reality competition involves tattoo artists going head-to-head to battle for the title of Ink Master and a large cash prize. The artists showcase their skills by creating amazing tattoos.

The series was unfortunately canceled in 2020 for unknown reasons. However, it was announced early in 2021 that Paramount Plus would revive the show.

The ink Master season 14 release date was announced a while back, and the show will return to the famous streaming platform Paramount Plus soon.

The show was initially judged by Dave Navarro and famous tattoo artists Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck. Ink Master season 14 will have a new host and new judges with some old ones. Further in this article, you will learn more about the Ink Master season 14 cast, episodes, spoilers, and more.

Ink Master Season 14

Ink Master season 14 Cast, Episodes, Spoilers, And More

Find creativity, artistry, and maybe a little competition all in one show with Ink Master. The new season will be released soon, and it’s sure to bring just as much entertainment value as the 13 successful seasons that have come before it. Tune into Paramount Network for your fill of artistic talent put to the test.

The episodes of each season have followed a similar format, with the finale featuring unique and challenging tasks. The plot for Ink Master season 14 hasn’t been revealed yet, but we expect it to follow the same general structure as previous seasons.

Joel Madden will be hosting Ink Master season 14 in place of Dave Navarro. The release date for the new show is September 7, 2022, and it will be available to watch on Paramount Plus.

Ink Master Season 14 Release Date

The release date for Ink Master season 14 was officially announced earlier, and the show is set to return on September 7, 2022. There will be some new judges and a different host this time around.

The show’s format will probably stay the same, with a few new challenges. The Flash Challenge involves tattooing but will now be judged on an unrelated skill, like painting or giving a haircut. The winner gets certain privileges. The elimination challenge tests the contestant’s artistic skills on human canvases.

The contestants are given a human canvas to paint and have time to think about what comes next. After all this, the judges will evaluate them on their abilities, and a player will be eliminated per episode until the conclusion. This time, the winner will walk away with the most money ever offered throughout its seasons, which is $250,000 in prize money. The Ink Master title will go to the winner this time around.

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Ink Master Season 14 Cast

Ink Master Season 14

The cast of Ink Master season 14 will include some new judges and a new host, replacing Dave Navarro. Joel Madden is the lead vocalist of Good Charlotte, one of the bands on which Dave Navarro performs. Oliver Peck is most likely not returning as one of the judges.

This season of Ink Master will feature a new panel of judges and returning winner Chase Rice. Nikki Hurtado and Ami James will also be featured in Season 14 of Ink Master. The following list is the contestants who will compete in the reality program:

• Angel Rose

• Bob Jones

• Chris Shockley

• Creepy Jason

• Deanne James

• Gian Karle

• Hiram Casas

• Holli Marie

• Katie McGowan

• Pon

What To Expect From Ink Master Season 14?

Ink Master has had 13 successful seasons, yet it is only natural that we anticipate this newest season to meet or exceed the qualities set by its predecessors. The new host might change how the show is presented, but we can still expect to see aspiring tattoo artists showcase their skills.

In this sequel, there will be new judges and different challenges and themes. Since the prize money for the winner of this season has been enhanced, we may anticipate that the stakes of the competition will be higher. The new adjustments and improvements will be interesting for the show, yet the public can expect to be amused by the rivalry.

The Ink Master Season 14 Trailer

The Ink Master season 14 teaser starts with the reveal of its return, this time with a new host, Joel Madden, who has been following previous seasons. The contestants quip that they are now more nervous than usual since there is a new host and they have been fans of Joel Madden. After that, it’s revealed that several fan-favorite musicians will be returning for this current run.

YouTube video

This season, not only the prize money increased but also the talent of the judging panel. The contestants work diligently as they face various challenges to the test. One contestant claims that though there is a greater reward, there is also a more considerable risk this season.

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