Is Insatiable Season 3 Canceled Or Renewed?

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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With two successfully released seasons, fans can’t wait for Insatiable Season 3 to come. However, there are rumors saying that Netflix will not be releasing another season.

The story is about a teenage girl named Patty Bladell who was once bullied by everyone in her school because of her overweight body. She got enough of all her bullies that she decided to lose weight after a fight with a homeless guy through a liquid diet for three months straight.

Thinking that she has become pretty and thin, she then seeks vengeance on her past tormenters and we are telling you, it did not go well.

Insitiable Season 3

Bob Armstrong, played by Dallas Roberts, is an attorney at law and an obsessive coach on beauty pageants. He spotted Patty and transformed her into a beauty queen. Everything was going great for Patty not until her sweet little psycho self decided to come out and kill people.

If at first, you are thinking this is just some ordinary teenage comedy film, you are in for a great surprise. With lies and murders involved, we can consider this series a dark comedy and is definitely not for the kids and the faint-hearted.

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Reason for the cancelation of Insatiable Season 3?

A petition was made and hundreds of thousands of people signed it for Netflix to cancel the said series. It is said that the petition has almost 300,000 signatures and the reason for the cancellation is because it encourages eating disorders and was accused of including harmful portrayals of the LGBT community, racial stereotypes, and fat-shaming.

Insatiable Season 3

Too bad for those who loved the show, in February of 2020, The former Netflix announced that Insatiable Season 3 is not happening. Seems like the petition did its job.

“It’s a mixture of factors. When we invest, we determine how much to invest based on the size of the audience that will attend “Cindy Holland, Netflix’s head of original content, commented on the streaming service’s canceling decisions (via Deadline).

Lauren Gussis, the creator of Insatiable, gave us a little sweet treat as she revealed the supposed-to-be story of the third season.

Seems like Patty is unstoppable and is bound to get even darker in each episode. It is intriguing to know how far Patty will go before she goes back to the right path.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see how the story will end and we were left with a lot of questions in our heads.

The series is filled with A-list celebrities such as Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts, Arden Myrin, Christopher Gorham, and Sarah Colonna.

It is also said that Erin Westbrook, Alyssa Milano, Kimmy Shields, Michael Provost, and Irene Choi are expected to be seen in Insatiable Season 3.

While the show had a lot of fans and viewers, it is good to know that streaming platforms such as Netflix listen to their audiences and cancel shows that were deemed offensive to people.

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