Legally Blonde 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More Updates

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Legally Blonde 3

Legally Blonde 3 was confirmed two years ago, but why are we still not seeing it? Fans have been dying to see what Elle Woods might be doing now, and so are we. Let’s find out about Legally Blonde 3’s release date, plot, cast, and everything we have so far. Keep reading!

Everything we know so far about Legally Blonde 3

Ready to “bend and snap” once again? Because Elle Woods with Chihuahua Bruiser is back for another franchise, eventually!

Legally Blonde 3

Fans first met Elle, the chic blonde Lawyer with her Chihuahua, in 2001 when the original film was released, which became an instant hit worldwide. The first film centered on how Elle was unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, for not being serious enough.

On a mission to win him back and prove him wrong, she enrolls at Harvard Law School, where Warner also goes. “What, like it’s hard?” is one of Elle’s most iconic lines. The Movie was a huge hit, which is why they decided to release Legally Blonde 2, where Elle started working as a Lawyer and was getting ready for marriage! Oops, spoiler. 

Reese Witherspoon as Elle was just a perfect fit, and fans would love to see her back. The good news is that it was announced about three years ago that Legally Blonde 3 would happen. The third installment of the franchise promises to show Elle in her 40s and, after 20 long years, questions like how was Elle treated as a lawyer? How is she doing as the wife of Emmett, and is Bruiser still alive? We don’t know yet, but we want to!

But when will we get to see Legally Blonde 3? Let’s find out as you continue reading. 

Legally Blonde 3 Plot

Ever since the announcement of the third installment confirmation, the plot details are still a closely guarded secret. Accordingly, the writing team for the third installment is Mindy Kaling of The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor.

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Everyone is expecting a sequel to the most-awaited film. Kaling even shared on her social media that she is excited to be reunited with her friends after announcing that she will be part of the project. She added in an interview about the film, “I can’t wait to see what people think of the way we’ve written Elle Woods at 40. How Elle Woods is at 40 versus when she was 21 has been really fun to imagine.” 

Legally Blonde 3

However, as of now, we still have to wait and see what they will bring us for the third time. Will Elle Woods still have a fluffy pink phone? Possible! Do Elle and Emmet have little Elle and Emmet, or maybe a child getting ready for Law School? The infinite possibilities make every viewer stoked to see Elle back on the screen again. 

What we know for now is that the show is already being planned and is confirmed to happen. 

Legally Blonde 3 Release Date

When is the Legally Blonde 3 Release Date? You might be asking this all over again after waiting so long since the official announcement that the third installment of the movie franchise will happen.

Although we officially know that the third movie will hit the theaters, we still do not have the exact release date yet, having it been delayed for years. Initially, when it was announced, it was supposed to be in the movie theaters by Valentine’s Day of 2020. However, because of the pandemic, it was moved to a later date, saying it would be out by May 2022.

And yet, we didn’t see any sign of the Movie as of this moment. When the writers were asked why the Movie was being delayed so much, she said, “We don’t want to be responsible for ruining what’s basically Resse’s time.” They are only working so hard to ensure that the viewers get to see the best of Elle Woods after 20 years. 

Legally Blonde 3 Cast

Since we do not have the confirmed plot and release date yet, there are also no details regarding the confirmed cast members of Legally Blonde 3. 

Legally Blonde 3

A lot of fans are dying to see the original cast members back, including Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette, Reese Witherspoon as Elle, Selma Blair as Vivian, Jessica Cauffiel as Margot, Matthew Davis as Warner, Ali Larter as Brooke, Holland Taylor as Professor Stromwell and of course, Luke Wilson as Emmet. 

But for now, all we can do is wait and hope that at least most of them will be reunited for the Legally Blonde 3.

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