Little Witch in the Woods: Full Version to be Launched 2022

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Charles kenny
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Little Witch in the Woods is planned to be fully released this 2022.

Although it was launched back in 2021 for early access, news has it that the game will be fully released this year and will be revealed on Steam. 

The developer of the game, Sunny Side Up, mentioned, “We consider it important to understand the experiences players feel while playing games, it can help us provide a better experience for players. We expect to be able to get insights from not developers but players during Early Access. The insights will help us make Little Witch in the Woods better.”

Fans are very excited to see what’s coming for the full release! Keep reading for full details. 

What is the Little Witch in the Woods? 

Little Witch In The Woods: Full Release This 2022

The Little Witch in the Woods is perfect for players who love playing Stardew Valley, Celeste, and Ikenfell.

It is trendy for its charm of the story, secondly for its best and most gorgeous game art styles. In the game, the player has to play the character’s role titled Ellie. Ellie is a young witch moving towards the town and joining one Witch’s house.

The game Little Witch in the Woods is a fantasy pixel art role-playing game developed and published by Sunny Side Up, a famous South Korean Studio. 

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Little Witch in the Woods: Early Access

Just last year, the creators released the game for early access, which gave gamers the chance to overview the game. 

The early access version includes the beginning of the story and the core content of the gameplay. The game can be accessed either in English or Korean. 

Players can play two main stories, meet more than seven characters, explore two different areas, discover more than ten animals and plants, and make some potions.  

Little Witch in the Woods: Full Release this 2022

Little Witch in the Woods will have its full release this 2022. What makes it different from the early access?

The creators’ full version will include additional activities, regions, items, characters, complete stories, and support for additional languages.

Thus, aside from English and Korean, the game will already have other major languages for the players to choose from. Moreover, players should be expecting to see more than seven characters, more than two different areas, and more than ten animals and plants when playing the game. 

Here’s a quick and summarized overview of the full version of Little Witch in the Woods. 

The game’s story

Little Witch In The Woods: Full Release This 2022

In the Lucerein Ortu, witches live together. They built Witch Houses in various areas and have been sending their apprentice witches there.

The apprentice witches must go to one of the Witch Houses and help the nearby village and villagers.

When playing, you can either become the main character or proceed with the story to complete your apprenticeship successfully.

You can also practice the teachings you learned at the Witch School and help people. Lastly, you may also opt to make friends with the charming characters in the village and listen to the inner stories they bear. 

Little Witch in the Woods: Trailer 

To give you a little glimpse of the game, the creators have released a trailer for the player to overview what to expect. 

Check out the game’s official trailer here. 

YouTube video

Little Witch in the Woods: Full Version Release Date

Although there has been no official release date as to when the full version of the game will be on Steam, stay posted, and we’ll find it out for you as soon as the creators have an official announcement. 

Worry not! The game will be out this year. 

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