Looop Lapeta Storyline, Date Release, Cast, and Characters

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An upcoming Bollywood film on Netflix will spice up each audience’s understanding to go further on how Looop Lapeta displays its Hindi remake from the original German film Run Lola Run directed by Tom Tykwer.

Looop Lapeta is scheduled to premiere on February 4th which the fans really await because of its unique cinematography that the Indians are really proud of. Taapsee Pannu shares one of the film’s settings wherein in her photo she is sitting in the dark and grimy toilet which she has a piece of paper holding. She stated in her caption “In life, there comes a time when we have to ask ourselves a question. How did I end up here?”

Really, this science fiction thriller film screams the intensity of what sacrifice impacts a great relationship. Taapsee shows no matter how annoyed she is on what Tahir did to bet the 5 million in the casino because of his addiction and longing to sit at the craps table. 

What Looop Lapeta is all about?

These two lovely couples who are happily committed to each other had a troublesome situation that is life after death chance for the both of them, especially for Tahir. He had a deal with one of the men he met and requested him to deliver a bag containing 5 million which he had to deliver at the address given to him. Because of temptation and addiction to his gambling game, he decided to bet the bag of money and unfortunately lose it. 

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Looop Lapeta

Right after, he contacted his partner Taapsee to tell him what happened to the money, how the man advised him to deliver it to the given address, and what he did in the casino. Taapsee rushed to call him and ask if he is all fine and announced that she will do something to escape the inconvenience Tahir did. They decided to rob a jewelry shop but were unfortunately caught by the police. There is this clip wherein Tahir was shot and Taapsee is longing for the love of her life. This film shows a life and death situation inside a beautiful relationship that happened to take place in trouble which they did not wish for. Find out what will happen next that will trigger your curiosity and let you think outside the box. 

Looop Lapeta’s Cast and Characters

Taapsee Pannuan Indian actress who also does modeling and has appeared in several Indian films which audiences are amazed by her skills and talent and apart from that, she manages event management called The Wedding Factory with her sister. She portrays the character as Savi which shows a courageous woman not only for her life but for the relationship of her partner Tahir. 

Tahir Raj Bhasin – is an Indian actor who finished his master’s degree in media which actually helps him to improve his talents in the platform. His character portrays a man who’s really into gambling and casino which he got into trouble because he lost the bag by losing the bet and ended up in a miserable situation.  

Dibyendu Bhattacharya – was known as a great Indian actor in Hindi cinema.

Shreya Dhanwanthary – a beautiful actress and model wherein she got her big break in the media industry on the film The Family Man 

Rajendra Chawla – Indian actor who has several films as well including A Wednesday, Mumbai Mirror, and many more. 

These characters will also spice up the genre of Looop Lapeta as they portray some of the roles you might bet to be the good one or the bad one.

  • KC Shankar as Atul Borkar
  • Manik Papneja as Appu
  • Raghav Raj Kakker as Gappu
  • Bhupesh Bandekar as David
  • Sameer Kevin Roy as Jacob
  • Alistar Bennis as Robert
  • Varun Pande as Yash

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