Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC – Empowered and Hopeful!

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Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC: Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo was seen attending a Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC. 

Although he chose to stay quiet on the issue, he was eager to empower people with his voice and exercise his right to speak as he joined protesters out on the street and made his statement. 

Mark Ruffalo decided not to stay silent. Keep reading to know more about Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC. 

Who is Mark Ruffalo? 

Mark Ruffalo is an American Actor that began acting back in 1990.

He is known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hulk and was part of the famous movies 13 Going on 30 and Shutter Island. 

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Now would Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC affect his career as a well-known celebrity?

Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC – Standing up with a Choice

Mark Ruffalo At Pro-Abortion Rights Protest In Nyc

It would have been easier if Ruffalo had decided to stay quiet and not stand up for what he believed, especially if a career was at stake. 

Still, Ruffalo was seen attending the Pro-Abortion Rights Protest in New York and made a clear statement on what he believed in. 

He had put together a statement of support regarding the pro-choice campaign, and in an abortion clinic in Mississippi, he read a speech aloud and shared his thoughts on the pressing matter. 

He shared in his speech a traumatizing experience for his mom, who had to get through an illegal abortion, and that it was “shameful and sleazy and demeaning.” He also added in his speech how it is okay to state your voice and “let it be known that you stand for abortion rights.”

It has been difficult for celebrities to speak out regarding political and social issues because they are usually criticized, and it affects their image. This is why it is a surprise that many celebrities, including Mark, are making a stand supporting abortion rights. 

Why Mark decide to support Pro-Abortion Rights? 

Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC videos where he releases his statement on the campaign are going around channels and news networks.  

He said in one video, “This is the generation that will have to live with us delivering Roe vs. Wade, we’re talking about young people who have to carry babies that are rape, incest, that are forced into a relationship, before they can make up their minds about it.”

He also shared how these moments are essential, especially for people who are standing up for their rights, including his daughter. 

In an Instagram post on his account, he mentioned that he was asked by his daughters to join him in the pro-abortion rights protest in NYC. From there, he saw hundreds of young women and men marching all together, fighting for the protection of a woman’s reproductive rights.

Mark Ruffalo At Pro-Abortion Rights Protest In Nyc

Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC has been one for the books, as he stands up for something he believes is right.

What is the Pro-Abortion Rights Campaign About? 

The slogan “Enough of controlling us” and chants like “Rights up four abortion rights,” and “My body, my choice” has been all over the streets of NYC. 

The Pro-abortion rights campaign has been joined by various organizations that help defend women’s reproductive rights. Protests around the US have been ongoing, and thousands of people are gathered to shed light on pro-choice. 

Mark Ruffalo At Pro-Abortion Rights Protest In Nyc

Well-known celebrities have been speaking up about abortion, contraception, and pregnancy care to push for a bill of reproductive rights and for it to be accessible to every woman.  

Now that Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC is being the talk of the town, we are hoping to see more of the celebrities join.

The latest protests were triggered by a leaked majority draft opinion of the US Supreme Court where they would overturn the Roe v. Wade case and are fighting to commit for reproductive freedom. “I think that women should have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and lives. And I don’t think banning abortion will stop abortion,” one of the protesters in Washington said. 

What do you think of Mark Ruffalo at Pro-abortion Rights Protest in NYC? Let us know. 

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