Metaverse Meetings : How to set up ?

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How to Set up Metaverse Meetings: Virtual reality has been around for a while. Recently, technology has taken its step further and evolved into having VR experiences genuinely immersive and realistic. Moreover, it became beneficial when Meta rebranded into Metaverse.

Although it may be true that the Metaverse has a long way to come, it has already been existent and active for online gaming. Now, apart from online leisure activities, it also now offers game-changing opportunities like holding out meetings and collaborating with remote teams in a new and immersive way!

Find out How to Set up Metaverse Meetings here.

What is the Metaverse?

You have likely heard of the Metaverse already and how new and modern it is in the world of technology. Well, Metaverse will usher in new digital connectivity, VR experience, and e-commerce.

How To Set Up Meetings In Metaverse

An expert mentioned as well that Metaverse will likely influence our lives in many ways. For now, the term is used to describe a combination of virtual reality and mixed reality worlds that are accessed through a browser or headset. People are allowed to have real-time interactions and experiences even if they are separated at a distance.

In many cases, it was already predicted that there is a possibility of having remote meetings held in the Metaverse within a short amount of time. Although the world has shifted from office work to remote work, especially during the start of the pandemic, it does not stop there yet.

In reports, Bill Gates predicted that there would be transitions from having 2D meetings to being in 3D digital avatar meetings through Metaverse.

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But what would these Metaverse meetings look like? Well, since the Metaverse can be described as a digital universe, then the idea is people can “live” through it by using various techniques such as virtual reality, augmented and video. They can play, work and stay connected with friends through these.

How To Set Up Meetings In Metaverse

Now in a metaverse meeting, the users would log into their virtual avatars and travel to the metaverse meeting room to meet their fellow team members. Here you can experience being in a physical meeting space, like in the office.

The question, however, is, How to Set up Meetings in Metaverse?

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Set up Meetings in Metaverse

It might be easy to imagine and envision the immersive Metaverse in your mind and how it goes. But the real question is, How to Set up Meetings in Metaverse. 

Now, once you start thinking of having Hybrid Meetings, you will realize that it is not just about having it in a physical location or 2D virtual meetings but include the thought of having it in Metaverse already. 

Now, here’s a step by step guide on How to Set up Meetings in Metaverse (and it’s actually quite easy) :

  1. You can either choose to build your virtual world, use the pre-built virtual offices in the Metaverse or Build your own office in an existing metaverse.
  2. Set up an actual virtual office. 
  3. Set up a virtual wallet for your business.
  4. Buy some crypto.
  5. Create an account of Decentraland. Here you can create a report that will be linked to your wallet. 
  6. Choose a unique name for your avatar. 
  7. Go through the tutorial so you can familiarize yourself with the platform. 

How To Set Up Meetings In Metaverse

The bottom line is that you can create an office to hold meetings in the Metaverse setups in any way you want. It is easy and an excellent way for startups to have team huddles and get-togethers virtually, especially when the company is purely remote where employees are worldwide. 

Now you know How to Set up Meetings in Metaverse. For more metaverse updates,  stay updates. 

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