Monarca Season 3: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

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Is Monarca Season 3 happening? 

You must have seen several dramas that involve the family business of crime, but have you seen Monarca already?

Monarca is available for streaming on the big streaming platform Netflix

Back on September 13, 2019, Netflix premiered the first season of Monarca. The show was renewed for a second season on October 24, 2019, with the first episode airing on January 1, 2021.

Here’s what we know so far about Monarca Season 3. 

The Plot of Monarca

Monarca Season 3 Of Netflix: Cancelled

Monarca is a Mexican drama streaming series created and produced by Diego Gutiérrez.

The story’s plot revolves around a billionaire tequila magnate and his family in the corrupt world of Mexico’s business elites.

The show has layers of drama and secrets to unfold. It talks about the thread-wide difference between the main characters’ right and wrong choices. 

Ana Maria is one of three children of a business magnate who are set to inherit the farm, and when she returns to Mexico to take over her father’s business, there is an unlikely turn of events.

Monarca Season 3: Release Date 

Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled Monarca Season 3 because of unforeseen circumstances. 

Although there were several speculations regarding the third season coming this 2022 and how the makers kept dropping hints for the same, or at least the fans kept picking them up, it is not happening.

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Since the last episode of Season 2, we have not heard announcements from the show’s producers as they have not made public statements on the revival of the third season. 

However, this late 2021, the showrunners have announced that they decided not to renew the show for the third installment. 

The viewers and critics appreciated the hit series, and it even entered the Mexican Top ten charts for more than 25 days.

Yet, despite the show’s massive popularity, Monarca Season 3 won’t be possible. Many fans are already in dismay because there were a lot of cliffhangers left unanswered from the last season.

The actors and actresses of the show had bid their goodbye through their social media posts on Instagram, and it hurts that we are not going to see them in another part of Monarca. 

Monarca Season 3: Casts

Sadly, since there will be no Monarca Season 3, we will not be getting another list of official members for the show. 

Here’s a list of the some of the official cast members from the past season for your reference instead:

  • Irene Azuela As Ana María Carranza Dávila
  • Sophie Gómez As Amelia
  • Osvaldo Benavides As Andrés Carranza Dávila
  • Juan Manuel Bernal As Joaquin Carranza Dávila
  • Antonio De La Vega As Bernardo
  • Luis Rábago As Agustín Carranza
  • Dalí Jr González As Pablo Carranza
  • James Hyde As Martin Ross
  • Carla Adell As Camila Ross Carranza
  • Regina Pavón As Lourdes Carranza
  • José Manuel Rincón As Gonzalo Carranza
  • Rosa María Bianchi As Cecilia Dávila Vda. De Carranza

Why did Netflix Cancel Monarca Season 3? 

Monarca Season 3 Cancelled By Netflix

Many fans were all hoping for a swift return of the show from Netflix. If that had occurred, then the third season of Monarca may have premiered in early 2022, and we may have already seen the cast back on the screen for some family drama.

But since the showrunners decided not to renew the season, we are only left with unanswered cliffhangers that we can discuss shortly. 

Fans are a bit stunned since there was a lot of scope for a probable Monarca Season 3.

The reason for the cancellation of the show, according to reports, is that the second season did not achieve the desired output, causing production to choose not to resume the series because doing it would cost the company more fortune than it could make.

So maybe, if the fans plead and continue to support the show, we might have another season in the making. If Netflix hears us or another platform adapts the series instead, it might be possible. 

So, fans, don’t lose your hope yet. We might get some answers if we keep our support intact.

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